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Which Fighters Have The Most K.O’s Inside the UFC Octagon?

1.  Chuck Liddell – Six Knockouts

Chuck Liddell vs Jeremy Horn
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Chuck Liddell is a true veteran of the UFC having had his first professional bout in the octagon at UFC 17 and fighting a total of  22 times for the promotion over the past 11 years.  There’s a reason he is considered by many to be the most famous mixed martial artist of all time.  It’s not down to his distinctive mohawk, his ‘Iceman’ nickname, his animated post-fight celebrations or indeed for the quality of his dancing on a certain prime-time show in the U.S at the moment!

The real reason is that there is no-one more deadly in the octagon than former light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell.  He has the K.O power that every fighter dreams of having.  No matter what trouble he’s in he always knows he’s just one punch away from ending the fight.   Everyone else, including his opponents know it too which has made for some great entertainment throughout the years.

Though his first fight was in 1998, he didn’t display his uncanny knack for pole-axing his opponent until 2001 when Kevin Randleman found his legs give out from under him after a crashing left hook connected with his chin.  A year later he would prove that there was more to his game than just deadly hands when Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral succumbed to a left head kick to add another highlight reel K.O to Liddells collection.

Next of the hit-list was to be another star of the sport Tito Ortiz who buckled under a relentless barrage of straight punches.  Liddell was now on a roll and his next two opponents, Vernon White and none other than ‘The Natural’ Randy Couture both added a K.O loss to their record.  It wasn’t to be the last time Couture would fight Liddell however, as the two most famous stars in the sport would face off for the third time in their career (each held  a victory over the other at the time) at UFC 57.

After one of the most hyped fights in the sports history Chuck Liddell would once again showcase his knockout power, catching Couture flush with a thunderous right hand to give ‘The Iceman’ his sixth UFC K.O.

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