Shine Fights Lightweight Grand-Prix: Fight Card

I’ll be honest, I’ve been holding back from writing the fight card as I’ve half expected Shine Fight’s Lightweight Grand-Prix to be canceled as it’s hit a lot of problems over the past few days.

We’re now a day away from the show, and the word is that despite having to switch venues just a week before the fights, problems with potential fighter suspensions, injury call-offs and DirecTV backing out of airing the show on PPV, that the event will still go ahead as planned.

I’m still not 100% convinced of that myself so I’m not going to do an in-depth preview here, but the first-round match-ups for the one-night tournament have been announced so let’s check them out:

Shine Fights Lightweight Grand-Prix – First Round Match-Ups:

  • Drew Fickett Vs Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett
  • Rich Crunkilton Vs Carlo Prater
  • James Warfield Vs Kyle Baker
  • Shannon Gugerty Vs Dennis Burmedez

Despite my skepticism, if the event does go ahead then it will be covered here on


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