When it comes to women, the cut and fit of the gi is as important as the size. These are the best BJJ gis for women.

Gis play an important role in BJJ training. If you are a beginner, the design, cut, feel, weight, material, or weave may not be your primary focus. In the past, ladies very often used to wear the same gi that their male counterparts wore since it was more convenient. However, the gis made specifically for women solve many issues that arise from male gis.

The main focus is on size for men’s gi while cut and fit are equally important for women. Aspects like the bust size as well as wide and narrow waist play an important role when choosing the perfect gi for women. The common gi issues are pretty much the same for both sexes like shrinkage rate, weight, weave, choice of material and price.

The weight is a huge factor. It usually depends on the weave of the gi. The heavier gis tend to feature more complex weaves and are more durable as a result. Lightweight gis are durable but they give way earlier than the heavier ones. However, lighter gis offer easier movement, are good for warm weather, and can be used in competitions.

In this article, we give you an overview of some of the best gis for women.

Best BJJ Gi for Women

1. Venum Women’s Challenger 2.0 BJJ Gi

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Venum Women's Challenger 2.0

This gi comes in three different colors – blue, white, and black. All three are allowed in competitions. They feature pink embroidery on the front and back along with patches on the shoulders. This Gi is fairly lightweight and features a 420gsm pearl weave. Both the jacket and pants are made of 100% cotton featuring last-gen tech seams and strategically reinforced areas.

The construction of the Venum Women’s Challenger 2.0 BJJ GI guarantees top performance and durability. It is available in all the usual sizes starting with a W or F in front of the size number. It can be safely washed in a washing machine and is odor and microbe-resistant. It has a perfect athletic fit and you can choose between different bust sizes as well.

The Venum Challenger series feature male and children’s Gis as well because of their popularity. This release is their second version and the third will be coming soon.

2. Fuji IBJJF Uniform for Women

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Fuji IBJJF Uniform for Women

This gi is, as evident from the name, approved by IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation). The approval holds only for the regular, black, blue, and white colors. The pink one, even though it is the most utilized one, is only good for training, rolling, and other competing platforms.

The Gi construction focuses precisely on women’s needs. The sleeves are shorter, making it an ideal fit and giving performance advantages as well. The waistline is smaller compared to men’s, providing a better feel. The material used is 100% cotton, both the jacket and pants. You can pick from 11 different sizes as per your needs.

With great performance, great fit, and a great price, the Fuji IBBF Women’s Gi is one of the best BJJ gis for women out there.

3. War Tribe Women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

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War Tribe Women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

This is a second-generation War Tribe Ultra-Light Gi, specially designed for women. It is available in black and blue colors. It features simple embroidery with a logo on the right sleeve and on the pants. The seams are multicolor, which is original and unique. It uses a pearl weave and the material used is 100% cotton.

The jacket is very light at just 350gsm and the fabric is of premium quality made with pearl weave. This ensures that you not only get maximal mobility and comfort, the durability is extended as well. The pants are made of 80z cotton ripstop material featuring double reinforced stitching. This gi is allowed in IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) tournaments as well, which makes it perfect for training and competitions.

Wearing this ultra-lightweight BJJ feels very comfortable and will provide you with an awesome grappling experience even though it is on the costlier side.

4. Storm Kimonos Women’s ‘Commander’ Gi

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Storm Kimonos Women's 'Commander' Gi

You get all the usual sizes for this gi, but blue is the most popular choice. It is ultra-comfortable and durable. The fabric is a 420gsm Storm Weave. The pants have been made with ultra-lightweight storm breathe tech military ripstop material.

The jacket is made of ultra-resistant and breathable materials and features zero-hold sleeve technology and zero-warp collar along with a hidden mouthguard pocket. Both the jacket and pants feature the logo in white and green embroidery. You get all the usual sizes with an athletic fit.

Storm Kimonos is famous for high-quality gis that offer top performance. They are the brand of choice for the Mendes bros and were also the brand behind Gracie Barra uniforms for some time. The Women’s Commander Gi is durable, stylish, and extremely comfortable, making it one of the best gis they have put together.

5. SunRise Ladies BJJ Gi Kimonos

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SunRise Ladies BJJ Gi Kimonos

This Gi features fluffy designs but is still one of the sturdiest gis out there. There are a total of 10 different designs. You get colors like black, yellow, purple, and white. You also get different embroidery options, featuring teddy bears, kittens, and flowers, and many others.

This gi is made of 100% cotton featuring an EVA foam collar and is very breathable. It comes completely pre-shrunk so you get what you see. The pants come in the shape of full ripstop pants with a round drawstring and are slim cut.

Some of the areas are reinforced, like the 3 rows of reinforced cuff lining, which makes it harder for your opponent to have a solid grip on you and 3 rows of ankle cuff lining, which increases the durability of leg opening without losing the tapered shape of the pants.

This gi is constructed out of one piece so there are no back seams. The reinforced stitching makes it strong and durable. It feels cool and light and is ideal for BJJ training. The brand might not be as well known as Venum, Storm, or Fuji, but the quality of this gi isn’t inferior at all. You get multiple color choices and 8 different sizes.

6. Hayabusa Cotton Shinju Pearl Women’s Jiu Jitsu Gi

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Hayabusa Cotton Shinju Pearl Women's Jiu Jitsu Gi

The Hayabusa Cotton Shinju Pearl Jiu Jitsu Gi is available in blue, black, and white colors. It can be used for both training and competition. The gi is ultra-lightweight with a 450gsm weave. The material is 100% cotton. The pants are 10oz ripstop, designed to have an extreme range of motion.

The design is specifically geared towards women, with a tapered cut on top for comfort and movement. Reinforced stitching is used on all high-stress areas for extra durability. This gi can be easily washed in a washing machine and it features innovative dry technology. The material is fully breathable and it comes 100% pre-shrunk. Patches are featured on the chest, shoulders, back of the jacket as well as the pants. It is available in all the regular sizes.

Coming from a brand of high repute, this gi comes at an amazing price point and is the lightest gi developed by Hayabusa.

7. Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi for Women

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Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi for Women

The Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi comes in black, blue, and white colors. The weave used for this gi is soft, durable, and made of gold, so it has a great feel and high durability. It is a medium weight gi with 450 gsm weave, combining the lightness of a single weave with the strength of a double weave. 

It features a sublimated rash guard neck liner and you can notice the comfort as soon you as you put it on. The design features an eye-popping sugar skull pattern named “Calavera”, inspired by the Mexican holiday, Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). This is a pretty attractive and popular design.

The pants are ultra-lightweight 10oz ripstop pants, made to be more breathable than traditional cotton ones. The collar is made using top-of-the-line EVA rubber. The collar feels strong, sturdy, and long-lasting. 

The gi is backed by the Gold BJJ guarantee. You can replace or return the gi for a full refund within a year of purchase if you are not satisfied with it or if it fails.

8. Hawk Ladies Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Suit

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Hawk Ladies Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Suit

This gi is available in white color only. You also get a white belt with black rank bar for you to put your tags on. This gi is made from durable pearl weave fabric and features triple-reinforced stitching on all major stress points. It is made to last and withstand the everyday rigors of training. The pant is made of 10oz canvas cotton with 4 waist loops and features reinforced stitching from shin to ankle for more durability.

This Hawk Ladies gi is approved by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation and comes with a 1-year warranty. It comes pre-shrunk and is available in 5 sizes, starting from F1 (4’7”- 5’) up to F5 (5’8”-6’).

9. Hypnotik Vortex Women’s BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi

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Hypnotik Vortex Women's BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi

Hypnotik is a well-known manufacturer of a range of martial arts equipment like gis, rash guards, and MMA gloves. The Vortex gi comes in white, burgundy, blue, and black colors. It is one of the more expensive gis, but has an exceptional build quality and is a favorite of many female BJJ practitioners.

This gi offers a perfect balance between comfort and durability with a 425gsm and the latest hi-tech weave. The cut is designed specifically for women. The set comes with 10oz twill pants, which are on the heavy side and are a little baggy as well. Once you put them in the wash, the bagginess will reduce.

Included along with the gi is a free white belt which is good for beginners looking for their first gi. Sizes start from F1(4’9″ – 5′) to F4(5’4″ – 5’8″). It is recommended that you get a size above your regular size because although it comes pre-shrunk, it does shrink by a fair amount when you first wash it. This gi is approved by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.

10. Tatami Fightwear Women’s Nova-MK4

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Tatami Fightwear Women's Nova-MK4

The Tatami Fightwear Nova-MK4 has been designed for beginner students as well as experts. Several enhancements have been made to make it better than the previous versions. It is better fitting and tapered in all key areas. The gi features a 425gsm hybrid weave jacket and heavy cotton reinforcements in all areas. 

The pants are made of 9oz poly-cotton blend, which makes them heavier and more resilient than the older ones which were made of 8oz twill cotton. The gi is available in 5 colors – blue, white, black, navy, and navy blue. The design features the Tatami Logo patches on the shoulders.

11. Sanabul Women’s Essential Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

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Sanabul Women's Essential Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi

This gi comes in black, pink, and white colors. This is an ultra-lightweight gi that comes pre-shrunk. You can wash the gi in cold water and hang dry and it will not become smaller. If you want the gi to shrink, you can wash it in hot water and put it in the dryer. The gi comes along with a Sanabul fit guide which has shrinking instruction in more detail.

With a tapered athletic cut minus all the extra gi material and bagginess of a traditional martial arts gi, this gi is elegantly designed. The fabric is lightweight, which makes it perfect for competitions, summer training, or if you prefer a light gi in general. The fabric has an anti-odor and antimicrobial treatment which helps to prevent bacterial and fungal infections.

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