These are the best compression ice packs for knees to provide instant relief.

The recovery process from soft tissue injury almost always requires one essential item. The ice pack. It is also instrumental for the presence of short term afflictions like muscle pain and sprains, as cold compression makes the affected area numb, instantly providing stress relief and also reducing swelling.

No one expects to get injured. But when you’re hit with unforeseen knee injuries requiring major surgery, the ice pack is a godsend. For some people who suffer such major injuries, icing becomes a daily activity.

For those who rely on an ice pack after a knee replacement surgery, here are a few helpful guidelines to go by. A good ice pack should possess a few main qualities to be of any real help — long-lasting cold temperatures, adjustability from changing sizes due to swelling, durability, and comfort are of supreme importance.

Below are some select ice packs that serve well for those with any knee issues that require cold compression treatment.

Best Compression Ice Packs for Knee Injuries

1. A to P Total Knee Ice Wrap

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A to P Total Knee Ice Wrap

A must-have for anybody who has knee surgery as it has a great impact on postoperative recovery. The A to P Wrap has a unique design as it is a one size fits all unit and can wrap thighs measuring 13 to 26 inches.

The 3 ice inserts are removable, enabling full coverage from calf to thigh. It is an attractive feature, especially for post knee replacement surgery. One can also put in additional ice packs, replacing the previous ice packs, making this extremely useful, if one needs around the clock wrapping. The design allows as much free movement as one can hope with a wrap.

The wrap has individual adjustments with three different adjusting straps with velcro closures. This means no matter the size of the thigh or calf and its proportion to the other, this wrap has a wide range and can fit almost any person snugly without slipping and yet is adjustable. It is not complicated to put on and take off so that is another perk for this fantastic knee wrap.

2. Ossur Cold Rush Therapy System

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Ossur Cold Rush Therapy System

This Cold Rush Therapy System provides a variety of Cold Rush Pads made specifically to provide continuous cold therapy to the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, back or hand. For soothing and effective relief in post-operative pain and swelling incidents, this product is suited for home, hospital or portable usage as well.

The motor used in this product is like those of much larger mobile air conditioners and refrigerators and provides continuous cooling without any noise allowing the patient to rest in quiet while rehabilitating from their injuries. The highest ice-to-water ratio in the industry and a design that produces less heat transfer from the motor to the water which combines to ensure cold therapy pain relief for up to 6 continuous hours.

Cold Rush also has unique features a locking lid which prevents spills and insulated walls for improved cooling. There is an unbroken loop covering the top portion of the Cold Rush Pads. This makes it usable without foam wraps as it can be simply used by securing the elastic straps in place. Designed to fit a diverse amount of body parts, and can mimic the body’s contours.

The knee pad measures 12 inches wide and 14 inches long and the straps measure 6 inches. This product places the patient’s comfort first in every way.

3. ActiveWrap Knee Ice Pack

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ActiveWrap Knee Ice Pack

Another best in class product, this ice pack is a godsend for post-op recovery. The most special feature of the wrap is its uniquely designed position straps secured anywhere inside the wrap. Therefore, it is perfect for post knee surgery as it simply molds into the shape of one’s body and facilitates painless recovery.

Another standout feature of this ice pack wrap is its gel packs. The gel packs are made from a thick cushioned elastic material instead of the gel material, therefore it does not slip or slide for the area that needs the compression. One can move about easily while using it as it is guaranteed to remain in the same place.

It is made of neoprene material. This makes the wrap lightweight and comfortable. It is versatile as it can be used as warm or cold compression, whichever serves the injured person best. It is especially great for when one has recovered a little more as it is very easy and comfortable to walk around in. This product is a godsend, proving fast pain relief. The making of the wrap is excellent.

The “gel packs’ uniqueness makes them stay cool for long as well and are thick without the weight. It also has two chill packs so this makes for a better fitting than a regular ice wrap. The neoprene material holds in the cold well too. The covers for the ice packs have two layers of fabric that can be put between bare skin and the ice pack.

This is great for those with sensitive skin, which is usually the case after an injury or trauma. It does not fall short in size either as no matter how big one’s thigh or knee, it has plenty of material to go around. An all-around amazing product, worth the money in every way, be it  coolness or warmth, durability, weight, flexibility, and reusability.

If one has had knee surgery and needs help during recovery or has lingering knee issues, this is a must-have investment.

4. Elasto-Gel Hot Cold Therapy Wraps

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Elasto-Gel Hot Cold Therapy Wraps

This is a simple ice wrap but remains one of the bestselling wraps. It looks simple but its best feature is that it will never leak, even if punctured. Ice wrap gel may not be easy to clean up, especially after a major surgery or injury.

It does not have have any flashy features, but it can be microwaved for heat therapy and is easy to apply. It can be used for multiple body parts including elbow, back, and upper or lower leg. A must-have for recovering knee surgery patients, it’s easy to wrap, stays cold and has a soft gel that does not harden even while frozen. — a versatile yet simple product.

5. Shock Doctor ICE Pack Recovery

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Shock Doctor ICE Pack Recovery

A versatile product offering both heat and ice therapy, the penetrating therapy of this product helps reduce swelling and pain with gentle compression and deep 360 degrees cold or heat wrapping, as required.

This product is designed keeping in mind anatomical needs, as demonstrated in its adjustable straps with Z- Grip closures for customized fit and compression. It also has multiple easy access Lycra gel ice packs, making it very comfortable and convenient.

It includes three (small or medium), or four (large or extra-large) removable and reusable gel packs to fully surround the knee. Therefore one can use the required sizes of gel packs, picking the small ones if one needs to move around and the larger if more compression, penetration and rest is required.

The gel pockets have flaps on the sides for one does not have to worry about them falling out. It is made of premium N-Tex neoprene and four-way stretch materials for comfort and durability. The product helps immensely with pain and swelling, aids in blood flow and promotes healing.

6. FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack

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FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack

This ice pack comes in four different sizes, standard large, oversize, half-size, and neck contour. It is a product that is very popular among physical therapists and other healthcare professionals for cold therapy while aiding chronic pain, muscle pain, arthritis, inflammation, swelling, menopause-related hot flashes, and injury recovery.

This product uses inferior bentonite formulations in the gel packs and that results in the gel cold packs remaining colder for longer than other competing products in the market. Therefore it is a very flexible product as its insides remain pliable even when frozen. The product provides great contact with any body part as it conforms to that part of the body’s shape. This product has a nylon outer packet and the edges are sewn. Therefore, it is very durable and thus, cost-effective and mess-free in the long run.

7. Roscoe Reusable Cold Pack

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Roscoe Reusable Cold Pack

This ice pack is especially good for knee pain, back pain, and shoulder pain. It is made of durable soft-touch materials, making it great for sensitive skin that has just suffered through surgery. This pack may be used to supply hot or cold compression and the heating pads are microwavable.

Using the heat therapy of this pack increases blood flow to the injured area, providing relief from pain. This, in turn, increases oxygen supply to the injured tissue and this aids in stretching out the painful muscles. It has multiple uses for knee, shoulder, and back and can be reused whenever swelling occurs.

When it is used as a cold pack it remains pliable thus enabling easing conformity to the shape of the knee, back, ankle, shoulder, etc. proving close heat or cold compression and thus better therapeutic relief from strains, sprains, or pains. It also comes in small, medium and large sizes, and therefore can be bought as required. Made for longevity, this product achieves its job well.

8. The Coldest Ice Pack

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The Coldest Ice Pack

This product can be used for injuries, pulls, sprains in many body parts like back, ankles, calf, thigh, chest, quads. The cold therapy provided by this product is designed specifically to facilitate faster recovery.

It needs to be frozen for 2 hours and applied for 20 minutes. It has easy to use adjustable straps, easily moldable for whichever body part is required as it has a velcro strap. A product that gets very cold and is definitely worth the purchase.

9. Koo-Care Ice Pack

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Koo-Care Ice Pack

Koo-Care ice pack remains hot or cold as required for long periods of time. The cold pack is uniquely designed so that the gel is distributed evenly and the gel will not clump together unlike other large cold packs. It provides fast and soothing relief through its cold or hot therapy right away, for more than 30 minutes.

This can be reused many times and can be frozen, heated, microwaved and is perfect for the shoulder, arm, back, belly, thigh, knee, skin, ankle, etc. it’s made of nylon composite material and is therefore extremely durable, compared to vinyl packs. The gel pack is also soft to touch, making it excellent for sensitive skin.

This gel pack is washable and easy to maintain and therefore lasts for years. It is flexible, durable, perfect for sensitive skin and therefore overall a good ice pack for post-operation recovery. It also comes with a one year guarantee.

10. Brownmed Polar Ice Knee Wrap

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Brownmed Polar Ice Knee Wrap

An effective provider of pain relief for bruises, etc, these encapsulated ice packs are filled with purified water and encased in soft fleece material that eliminates migration of ice during use. The soft fleece materials also serve to protect the skin and does not stick to the skin.

 It has velcro straps with hook and loop, so one can easily adjust the size as swelling induced during injury gradually subsides. It also encompasses the entire knee providing all-round cooling when required. The gel packs are also removable from the wrap and therefore the wrap can be washed as required making it useful for long term usage.

Polar Ice delivers benefits of cryotherapy with compression for post-surgery rehabilitation, soft tissue trauma, and other injuries. It reduces pain and swelling thus facilitating faster recovery to the normal functioning of the knee. The cold therapy is long-lasting as well, so one does not have to replace it every few minutes due to melting.

 This product — if left in the freezer overnight and for some hours in between uses — will serve one very well. Due to the long-lasting cold, durable material and adjustable straps, one is well on the way to recovery with this ice pack.

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