Best Double End Boxing Punching Bag

Double end bags are a must-have in your training if you want to improve the accuracy of your punches.

When you want to evolve your punches beyond just strength and speed, training with a double end bag becomes as important as a heavy bag or speed bag in your journey to become the best fighter you can be!

A double end bag is a circular bag that’s connected on both ends by an elastic cord. It is also known as a floor to ceiling bag. It simulates a moving target. Fighters train with this tool to enhance their accuracy, rhythm, and timing. 

There are two kinds of double end bags — Single bag and Mexican bag. The single bag looks like a small teardrop and is the more common of the two. The Mexican bag is basically two single bags sewn together. They are also known as double double end bags. Below is a review of the best double end bags available in the market today.

Best Boxing Double End Punching Bag

1. Ringside Leather Boxing Double End Bag

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Ringside Leather Boxing Double End Bag

This is one of the most affordable double end bags, making it a popular choice on Amazon. It comes in three sizes – 5 inches (13 cm), 7 inches (18 cm) and 9 inches (23 cm). Your choice will depend on your current skill level.

The 9-inch bag is useful for beginners as it’s great for building the fundamentals. The smaller bags can be used by the more experienced to develop quickness and hand-eye coordination. Both the loops and shells are made of high-quality genuine leather. The loops feature triple reinforced stitching as opposed to the standard double reinforced stitching on most bags. Both leather construction and triple stitching ensure the longevity of the bag.

Two cables for setting up the bag are also included with the purchase. The cables are designed for a tight installation, which is suitable for exercising speed only. This can be overcome by replacing them with other stretchable store-bought bungee cords.

There has been mixed feedback about the propensity of the bladder to slowly leak. While most users have reported that the bladder holds well for a long time, a few users have reported that they need to refill it with a little bit of air once a month or so. If this is not an issue for you, the moderate price and high-quality construction make it a good buy if you are on a budget.

2. Cleto Reyes Double End Bag

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Cleto Reyes Double End Bag

Cleto Reyes is one of the most well-known brands in boxing. Their gloves are used in World Championship level boxing by some of the biggest names in the sport. Typical of Cleto Reyes products, it is one of the more expensive double end bags.

The bag is teardrop-shaped and has a moderate size of 11 x 7 x 4 inches (28 x 17.75 x 10 cm). The moderate size is good for small glove and bare-handed training too. It is designed to help you work on your jabs and hooks. It is made of high-quality leather and tough nylon lining which ensures durability. Even if the bladder wears out, a spare is included in the purchase.

The valve is located on the side of the bag. This ensures that you do not hit it by accident when you punch. The bag requires two swivels and an elastic band for floor and ceiling mounting. These are sold separately. The product is available in white color on Amazon.

3. RDX Double End Speed Ball Bag

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RDX Double End Speed Ball Bag

This double end bag from RDX is made of patented synthetic leather called Maya hide leather. It is polyurethane leather of premium quality and is very durable and resilient. It is the most realistic imitation of genuine leather offered at a more affordable price.

The shell has a split seam design and a twin textile layer on the inside making it even more durable. The surface is supple enough to allow bare hands training as well without injury. The non-tear rubber bladder design ensures buoyancy and absorbs repeated hits even more easily. The insertion opening is located at the top for easier replacements.

The bag comes with all the equipment needed for floor and ceiling mounting. Included are four metal S-rings, tough PVC buckle, and bungee cords to mount the bag. The nylon strap is sturdy and easy to mount. The base of the ball is V-shaped which allows for more stability. The rubber bungee cords can take rapid hits from various angles without its position being affected. The cords are stretchable up to 48 inches and offer maximum flexibility in all directions. You can adjust the cords to suit your height and reach.

The size of the ball is 7 inches in diameter and is a great option for both intermediate and professional fighters. It does not require regular inflation and can withstand workouts quite well.

4. Title Boxing Mexican Style Double End Bag

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Title Boxing Mexican Style Double End Bag
The Title Mexican Style Double End Bag is made of genuine leather designed to take hits all day with no signs of wear and tear. Triple-reinforced nylon hooks at the top and bottom of the bag provide extra longevity. The bag comes with rubber bungee cables which provide a good amount of recoil. The cables can be adjusted to increase or decrease the speed of recoil.

The Mexican style bag is perfect for working on head and body combo strikes including uppercuts which is more difficult to do on a single bag design. It does not bounce around as much as smaller bags so you can land heavier punches. The bag comes with rubber bungee cables which provide a good amount of recoil. The cables can be adjusted to increase or decrease the speed of recoil. If you tighten the ropes and cords, you can also practice blocking as the bag comes back at you hard and fast. It can also act as a decent-sized target to practice your kicks.

The bag comes in black color. It is more expensive than many other double end bags, but the high quality of the bag justifies the price.

5. ARD-Champs Boxing Speed Bag

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ARD-Champs Boxing Speed Bag

This double end bag from ARD can be used by beginners and experienced fighters alike. It provides a good balance between affordability and quality. It is cheaper than the Title or Ringside models but still has a lot to offer in terms of quality and reliability.

The shell of the bag has been engineered from synthetic leather. It is made extra strong by lining the inside with two layers. The bag is hand-stitched to the highest standards to prevent it from ripping. The straps on the side of the shell have been stitched well enough that they will not tear off easily. The bladder opening is to the side of the ball with a lacing system to keep the ball intact. Although many users prefer the bladder opening to be at the top, this can easily lead to ripping issues around the straps.

The top surface is smooth and you can train with bare hands too, if necessary. It is recommended that you strike the bag on the opposite side of the laces to avoid injuries. A pair of gloves will definitely make it much easier.

The package includes two flexible rubber bungee cords along with S-hooks for installation. The cords are adjustable up to a height of 48 inches. Fixings are also included which can be used to attach the bag to the floor and ceiling. The ARD bag is recommended for you if affordability is a key deciding factor and you don’t mind the synthetic leather.

6. Ringside Mexican-Style Double-Double End Bag

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Ringside Mexican-Style Double-Double End Bag

Ringside also makes a Mexican style double end bag apart from the standard double end bag mentioned above. You can practice more combinations which include high and low strikes with this bag. You can go with a low jab to the body and a high jab to the face. The big is a little bigger than the standard double end bag so it will not move as much. You can change out the default rubber cables to more elastic ones if you want more rebound movement.

The size of the bag is 16 x 6.5 x 2 inches and it weighs 1.05 pounds. The air in the bladder lasts for a long time. The bag does not come with any hardware to attach it to the floor and ceiling. The bladder valves jut out of the bag which might be an issue for some people as it can scuff the gloves.

7. Ring to Cage Mexican Style Bag

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Ring to Cage Mexican Style Bag

The size of this Mexican-style double end bag is bigger than the one from Ringside and a little more expensive. The entire bag is made of leather. It does not come with cables and other fittings for floor and ceiling mounting. The bigger surface area allows for more strike combinations as well as kicks. The attachment loops are made of leather and nylon webbing for more durability.

The bag measures 26 x 7 x 5 inches and weighs 3 pounds. The bag is a good buy for beginners as it is relatively big and long. It is especially good for working head-body combos.

8. Pro Impact Genuine Leather Double End Boxing Punching Bag

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Pro Impact Genuine Leather Double End Boxing Punching Bag

This double end bag from Pro Impact is made of top-grade genuine leather for extreme durability. The ball features reinforced loops and welted seams and is hand-stitched to the highest standards ensuring that it will last through the most intense workout sessions.

The bag comes with a pair of rubber bungee cords and S-hooks to suspend and mount the bag at both ends to the ceiling and floor. The cords are elastic for a great rebound so you can use them to master your reflexes and timing skills.

The bag’s bladder is made of heavy-duty rubber. There will be no loss of air for months on end even after repeatedly taking rigorous hits. The bag itself offers little resistance and is constantly moving, helping to develop timing and accuracy over all other skills. It will help you develop your speed, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time, and also practice your defensive techniques, movement, and footwork.

The bag comes in 7-inch and 9-inch sizes. The 7-inch bag is harder to hit with a quicker rebound, making it more suitable for the advanced user while the 9-inch bag provides a larger target and is more suitable for beginners to develop their fundamentals. Pro Impact offers black/red and black/white color combinations for this bag.

9. Eskaay Leather Double End Speed Bag

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Eskaay Leather Double End Speed Bag

The Eskaay Double End Speed Bag comes at an extremely low price point without compromising on its build quality. The material used is cowhide leather, which is more preferable than other materials because of its high resistance and also because it allows bare-knuckle punching to boost endurance.

The Eskaay floor-to-ceiling bag is hand-stitched with double reinforcement to boost its durability even further. The strong seams will not rip off even in the most rigorous training sessions. The panels have been reinforced with a double-layered fabric lining as well.

The bag is fitted with a latex bladder unlike the bags mentioned before, where the bladders were made of rubber. Latex is favored due to its lightweight design that boosts the volatility of the bag. A pair of durable elastic straps adjustable to a height of 48 inches is included with the bag.

Eskaay is not as well-known as the other brands but their double end bag is impressive, especially in regards to the materials they have used. The latex bladder is reliable for improving accuracy and speed. The design features rust-resistant stainless buckles, giving it a more professional look. The bag is available in black color.

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