Best Core Exercise & Workout Sliders for Carpet

The best exercise sliders will make your core bodyweight workouts extra challenging by making you engage your stabilizing muscles!

Exercise sliders, as their name suggests, slide on the floor. You place your hands and feet on them and do your workouts. The sliding action makes it more challenging by engaging your muscles in a completely different way as compared to standard bodyweight training.

You can use sliders by combining them with exercises like squats, lunges, mountain climbers, etc. You can create new variations by adjusting the range of motion as well. Push-ups can be done with the sliders so you not only work your chest and triceps but also engage your core to stop the sliders from sliding away from you. 

If your exercise routine is getting monotonous and you’re getting tired of bodyweight exercises, adding exercise sliders can invigorate your workout regime and give you the boost you may be looking for and increase the difficulty level of your exercises at the same time.

There are a lot of different types of exercise sliders out there. In this article, we will give you an overview of some of the best exercise sliders on the market.

Best Exercise Sliders for Carpet

1. Gorilla Warfit Resistance Loop Bands

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Gorilla Warfit Resistance Loop Bands

Gorilla Warfit Exercise Sliders come bundled with resistance loop bands for you to have all the equipment needed for a complete workout. Both the loop bands and sliders can be integrated to amp up your Yoga, Physical Therapy, and Crossfit workouts. 

You get a set of 5 color-coded resistance bands made of high-quality latex. The bands have been stress-tested so you can be sure that they will not rip or tear while you’re exercising. Just make sure to leave them out to dry after you work up a sweat.

The core sliders don’t scratch or snag. They are sliders and work best on carpet or hardwood flooring. Use the smooth side for carpets, rugs, and other cloth surfaces. The fabric side can be used for hardwood and tile floors. Exercising with the sliders can help you strengthen your core and give you a toned physique.

Jump ropes with metal bearings are added as a bonus for cardiovascular exercises. You can carry the sliders, bands, and jump rope with you on your travels so that you can get a great workout anywhere. They can easily fit into a backpack, duffle bag, or a suitcase. You also get a travel bag included in your purchase for this purpose. Gorilla Warfit will offer you a replacement or a refund if you’re not happy with their product and return it to them.

2. Elite Sportz Exercise Sliders

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Elite Sportz Exercise Sliders

These exercise sliders from Elite Sportz are compact and low profile. People of all different hand and feet sizes can use them to get a killer workout. You can easily travel with them because of their compact size. You can use them on any surface so you can get a workout at your home, hotel, or anywhere else. 

Using these sliders can help you exercise your ligaments and joints, strengthen your core, and even help improve flexibility. Elite Sportz also has videos on their website showing you how to use these exercise sliders. You will be able to find the URL on the packaging of the product. You get one year warranty from the manufacturer as well.

3. LYOU Exercise Sliders

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LYOU Exercise Sliders

Lyou offers its exercise sliders in bright colors, which is a part of their charm. Exercise sliders are often brightly colored and seem to be fun. They are available in pink, yellow, green, and black. Besides the black ones, all the colors are bright and vibrant to make you want to get moving.

The sliders are versatile and compatible with a variety of surfaces. You can work out at your home regardless of whether you have a hardwood floor, tiled floor, or marble floor. You can even use it on artificial grass without them catching, snagging, or tearing. 

One side of the slider is smooth to reduce friction and the other side is made of fabric material. The smooth side is made of high-quality plastic, is environment-friendly, pressure-proof, and acid-proof. The fabric material side is made of natural non-slip EVA cloth which you can use on hardwood floors.

Each slider weighs a mere 0.22 pounds. You get a mesh bag to put the sliders in. You can hang the mesh bag on the wall when you’re at home or also carry it around in your backpack.

4. Synergee Core Sliders

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Synergee Core Sliders

These sliders are created by Synergee with durability in mind. They are very popular on Amazon because of their high quality. They can move and slide smoothly on most surfaces like carpets or hard floors without catching. These sliders are built to last and you can use them for years without them snagging or falling apart.

The Foam side can be used on hard and smooth surfaces like hardwood floors. The plastic side works best on softer surfaces like turf or carpets. You get 2 sliders in the package. Each slider is 7 inches in diameter. A color-printed exercise manual is also provided, which describes 5 different exercises that you can do with them. 

With bright colors being more popular in the market, these sliders are available in red, yellow, green, pink, and black. Despite their high quality, Synergy also offers free replacement if you face any issues so you can purchase these with complete peace of mind.

5. Borchent Core Sliders

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Borchent Core Sliders

Borchent core sliders are great because you get 5 different range resistance bands along with the sliders. A black carrying pouch and an exercise guide are also included in your purchase.

You can use the core sliders to work on your abdomen, glutes, and abs. The resistance bands can be used to tone your arms and legs. The sliders have a fabric side and a plastic side so that you can use them on both hardwood floors and carpets. Borchent offers a 100% money-back guarantee so if you’re not happy with the product, you can send it back to them and you will get a complete refund.

6. Iron Core Fitness 2

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Iron Core Fitness 2

These are one of the lightest sliders out there and have a more slender design. You can use these core sliders on different surfaces like wood, carpet, laminate, or tile. They also come packaged with a downloadable PDF booklet guide and a paper booklet.

Iron Core Fitness 2 weighs 4.8 ounces. The weight makes it easy to carry around. Exercising with these sliders requires constant core adjustment. You can buy them in cobalt black, cherry, red, or neon pink colors.

7. SKLZ Indoor Court Slidez

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SKLZ Indoor Court Slidez

SKLZ sliders have a klow rubbing, non-stumping surface, making them fit for tile, courts, and any other smooth surface. The surfaces recommended by SKLZ are hardwood, tile ceramic, travertine, marble, granite, linoleum, laminate, polished cement, and mats.

These sliders come with a unique design that’s meant to reinforce functional movement. They are thicker and have a larger surface area but you’ll not face issues while dragging them around. The foam on top is soft, foamy, thick, cushiony, and contoured to reduce slipping. They may feel like pads because of their thickness. You can also clip them together and use them like a skateboard! The discs measure 1.7 x 12.2 x 10.9 inches and weigh 6.4 ounces.

8. Valslides

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Valslide exercise sliders are created by Valerie Waters, a personal fitness trainer. Valerie specializes in training stars for movies and television. You can use these sliders to tone and fix your entire body.

You can use the ValSlide exercise sliders to add a balance challenge to exercises like lunges and planks. You will not have to worry about ineffective low impact weight exercises because of the position of your hands and feet. Your feet and hands will usually remain in constant contact with the surface. The foam cushion ensures that you don’t face pain if you are using them on your knees.

You get 2 sliders in the package. Additionally, ValSlide exercise sliders come with a mesh bag. Their featherlight weight makes it easy to move them from one point to the other. You can carry them in your travels and exercise anywhere you want to keep fit at all times. You also get an exercise sheet to help you get started. The exercises target multiple body parts like your legs, inner thighs, and butt all at the same time. Three exercises you can do with these sliders are one-arm slide, modified leg curl, and mountain climber. 

The sliders are intended to be used on carpets. ValSlide also makes an accessory cover which you can buy separately if you want to use it on tiles and hardwood floors. Do not be misled by the advertising on the package that says that you can do it anywhere. These come in black, pink, and green colors.

9. INTEY Exercise Sliders

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INTEY Exercise Sliders

These core sliders can be used on carpet as well as hardwood floors. It doesn’t matter what surface you have got at home or on your travels, these sliders are double-sided and work smoothly on all surfaces. The smooth side works on carpet and the fabric works on tile and hardwood floors.

INTEY sliders are portable and measure 7 x 7 x 0.5 inches. You can do low-impact weight-bearing exercises with these sliders. An exercise manual is included to help you get started. You also get a carry bag, so you can take them with you to the gym or if you’re traveling. 

The hands and feet do not have to leave the floor when working with these sliders so you get a low impact but highly effective total body workout. You have a broader range of exercises at your disposal while the risk of injury is reduced.

You will never be bored with these sliders because of the wide variety of exercises you can do with them. You can do exercises to tone your tummy, legs, or arms and also enjoy planks, bridges, and lunges. You can simply make up your own exercises as well if you wish.

The package includes a pair of sliders, a carry bag, and a user manual. If you’re not happy with the product, you can return it within three months to get a replacement or a refund. After three months, you can get it replaced up to a period of 24 months, but only if there is a product defect.

10. EddMark Professional Core Exercise Sliders

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EddMark Professional Core Exercise Sliders

EddMark Professional Core Exercise Sliders come along with a set of 3 resistance bands to give you all the equipment you need for a complete workout. The sliders work on both carpet and hardwood floor. They reduce impact and protect your joints and tendons during your workout.

The quality material ensures smooth sliding avoids scratching and snagging. They are lightweight and portable so you can carry them with you wherever you go. You can use them at the gym, your home, or the hotel room. In case you’re not satisfied with the sliders, you can send them back to EddMark for a full refund.

You can use the plastic side for carpets. These sliders will not damage your hardwood floor. The resistance is pretty high compared to its counterparts. Although the sliders are mainly designed to strengthen your core, you can use them to target all muscle groups from the chest to the legs.

Exercising with the sliders will help you regain balance and strength in your core, become more flexible and focused, increase blood flow to your muscles, burn fat, and feel more alert and rejuvenated.

The material used is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, which is scratch-resistant and works wonderfully on a carpet. The diameter of the discs is 7 inches so they are large enough to place your hand or foot. The lightweight fabric will not scratch your floor and the sliders are polished with care to ensure smooth sliding.

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