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Best Hand Grip Strengthener – Longang, LUXON, FitBeast & More!

When it comes to conditioning, people almost always neglect their hands. You may have worked on your legs, traps, core, and all other body parts, but there’s a chance you’ve neglected your hands. But grip strength and conditioning is crucial to your overall physique. It makes your forearms look better but it also aids you in almost all other physical fitness activities, especially when it comes to practicing MMA, BJJ, or other forms of combat sports.

Combat sports require a number of complex maneuvers that require grappling, locks, etc, all of which require you to have a strong grip. Without a strong grip, you won’t be able to hold down your adversary. That’s why you need to start using grip strengtheners. There are a number of fairly reasonable and simple devices you can use to strengthen your hands and grip.

There are a lot of different types of grip strengtheners out there. What works for one person may not work for you. So you need to understand which grip strengthener you really need based on your specific needs. In this article, we give you an overview of some of the best grip strengtheners on the market.

Best Hand Grip Strengthener

1. IronMind Captains of Crush Hand Gripper

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IronMind Captains of Crush Hand Gripper

IronMind Captains of Crush Hand Gripper is one of the best grip strengtheners out there because it has been made by a reputable US-based company and it comes in 11 strength levels so you can slowly increase the resistance and progress further.

The resistance level on this grip strengthener starts from 60 pounds and goes all the way to 365 pounds. It has a strong reach in the upper limits but a 60-pound resistance may still be too high for absolute beginners. As such, IronMind Captains of Crush Hand Gripper isn’t suitable for beginners. This is, however, the perfect grip strengthener for those who are used to working out, conditioning, and combat sports, and would like to get to the next level.

These are the ideal grip strengtheners for those who want an all-purpose workout. They have a strong resistance and are extremely durable so they can even be used by professionals who want to strengthen their grip. Regardless of which specific grip strengthener you use, they are all perfectly balanced for even weight distribution and are better than any you can find at your local store. You can develop your hand strength and gripping capacities well beyond the average human and get an advantage over your adversaries in combat sports.

This grip strengthener is also extremely compact and you can store it just about anywhere, which allows you to do these exercises wherever you may be. All things considered, IronMind Captains of Crush Hand Gripper is one of the best grip strengtheners on the market and you should definitely start climbing up their resistance levels.

2. Prohands PRO Hand Exerciser

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Prohands PRO Hand Exerciser

Prohands PRO Hand Exerciser is the best finger trainer available on the market, which, in turn, helps you strengthen your grip. This grip strengthener comes in various forms and resistance levels, suitable for both novices and professionals.

This grip strengthener can train your fingers to handle a number of different types of tasks, be it playing music, climbing rocks, or even practicing jiu-jitsu or MMA. If you’re never tried a grip strengthener, you may initially be shocked by just how weak your fingers are. For most people, the fingers are the weakest parts of their body because they don’t realize they need training as well. With this grip strengthener, you can make your fingers strong and get an edge on your combat sports adversaries.

Prohands PRO Hand Exerciser comes in a Pro version and a regular version. The Pro version of the grip strengthener has a wider range of motion and padded finger surfaces to allow you to shoot for greater resistance levels without hurting your fingers. While this device comes with a range of different resistance levels, those levels aren’t adjustable. As such, if you want to progress to higher levels, you’ll simply have to buy new grip strengtheners.

This grip strengthener comes with resistance levels ranging from 3 pounds to 13 pounds, though professionals are likely to exceed well beyond that. You can also get sets of two, three, or four, depending on the number of resistances you want to cover. The Pro version of the grip strengthener is better for advanced users because you get a wider range of motion.

But even so, the pro version also has some drawbacks. The palm-rest shape of the grip strengthener isn’t very comfortable for some people, isn’t very secure, and restricts you from handling greater resistance levels. Furthermore, this grip strengthener only targets the fingers and not the whole hand. This grip strengthener may also not be suitable for people with smaller hands and the design isn’t very ergonomic.

All things considered, Prohands PRO Hand Exerciser is perfect for both novices and professionals who want to strengthen their fingers in order to strengthen their hands. But you should make sure that it’s suitable for your hands and you should also be aware that this grip strengthener won’t affect your forearms or hands.

3. Prohands Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

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Prohands Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Prohands Gripmaster Hand Exerciser is a grip strengthener that’s highly reputable and has been recommended by some great publications like Climbing Magazine. This grip strengthener is often used by climbing enthusiasts since that requires a lot of gripping strength, but it can also be useful in combat sports like MMA and BJJ. This grip strengthener helps you improve your strength, dexterity, and also endurance.

Unlike the aforementioned PRO version, this grip strengthener is more suitable for novices and beginners than advanced users. It has a limited range of tensions, ranging from 1.5 pounds to 9 pounds. That makes this grip strengthener perfect for those who are just starting out, but advanced users are likely to go well beyond the 9-pound capacity soon. This grip strengthener has also been made of high-quality ABS plastic and stainless steel springs.

This grip strengthener has four different color schemes based on resistance as well. Yellow has the lowest resistance level at 3 pounds per finger. Blue has a resistance of 5 pounds per finger. Red has a resistance of 7 pounds per finger. And black has a resistance of 9 pounds per finger. These sets also come with exercise programs you can use to maximize your strength and progress upwards.

The resistance on these strengtheners isn’t great because they’re only meant for your fingers and your forearms only get a little workout. This grip strengthener is only focused on the fingertips because of the small size and you have to press the buttons. These grip strengtheners are also very well made and durable, but they don’t have a lot of padding so your fingers may get tired after a while. The small size, however, makes them easy to carry around if you’re traveling.

All things considered, Prohands Gripmaster Hand Exerciser may not be the perfect set of grip strengtheners. But they’re ideal for novice and beginner users who want to focus primarily on their finger strength.

4. Luxon Hand Grip Strengthener

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Luxon Hand Grip Strengthener

Luxon Hand Grip Strengthener is one of the most reasonable and valuable grip strengtheners out there, especially since it has adjustable resistance and you get two pieces for the price of one. This is an especially reasonable pick if you’re buying it with a friend.

This grip strengthener is versatile, highly effective, and very accessible. This isn’t as durable or sophisticated as some of the other grip strengtheners on this list, but it’s still pretty useful, especially if you’re a novice. The best part of this grip strengthener is that it’s adjustable. The two handles on this grip strengthener are connected by a hinge that’s located just under the spring. You have to squeeze the handles of the strengthener and the spring determines the resistance.

The best part of this grip strengthener is that you can adjust the resistance level. You can lengthen the spring to increase tension on the handles, which, in turn, increases the resistance. The tension on this grip strengthener begins with 22 pounds, which is enough for most beginners. The screw can also be adjusted very easily within a few seconds. On the upper limit, you can adjust the screw to increase the tension to 120 pounds, which is strange enough for the most serious trainers as well.

This grip strengthener doesn’t just work on your fingers but on your entire hand and forearm as well. The only issue is that this grip strengthener isn’t very comfortable. The design isn’t ergonomic and it’s not padded so your hands get fatigued easily, which prevents you from cranking out as many reps as you can.

This grip strengthener is certainly not as durable or well-designed as some of the others. But if you want to buy a single grip strengthener on which you can gradually progress, then this is ideal for you.

5. NIYIKOW Grip Strength

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NIYIKOW Grip Strength

NIYIKOW Grip Strength is a similar grip strengthener to the aforementioned Luxon grip strengthener. It has adjustable resistance and it’s meant for the entire hand and forearm, not just your fingers. This grip strengthener can be adjusted from 22 pounds all the way to 132 pounds, which makes it suitable for beginners and advanced trainers alike. This grip strengthener is also ergonomic and padded so you can hold it comfortably while training your hands.

This grip strengthener is also easy to carry around because it’s extremely small and palm-sized. As such, you can continue your training anywhere at all. Adjusting the resistance is pretty easy because you just have to turn the screw and it will lengthen or shorten the spring. As such, you can adjust the resistance easily. If you don’t want to get different grip strengtheners for different resistance levels, then this is a good option for you.

NIYIKOW Grip Strength has been made with high quality and extremely comfortable rubber non-slip material on the handles. The grip strengthener is stainless steel and completely durable. The padding ensures that it won’t hurt your fingers or hands. All things considered, NIYIKOW Grip Strength is a good choice for those who want adjustable grip strengtheners for the entire hand.

6. Sidewinder ProXtreme Grip Strengthener

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Sidewinder ProXtreme Grip Strengthener

Sidewinder ProXtreme is an extremely heavy and long bar with a two-inch diameter, which makes it extremely durable and strong. This grip strengthener also works as a wrist roller so that you can strengthen your grip style. The resistance on this grip strengthener is adjustable and you can twist it to create the level of tension suitable for your needs, whether you’re a novice trainer or an advanced trainer.

This grip strengthener doesn’t just strengthen your fingers and grip but also your hands and forearm, thus giving you an overall workout. The rubber grip ensures that it’s ergonomic and that you can use it for extended periods without your arm fatiguing. This grip strengthener also doesn’t produce any noise.

In terms of durability, this grip strengthener is extremely strong. It has been made of solid tubing, high-quality steel, and neoprene handles. In addition to grip exercises, you can also use it to work your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. This grip strengthener only weighs 4.3 pounds, it measures 14.75” in length, and its grip handles are 6” on each side. All things considered, if you’re looking for a grip strengthener that can also work your other arm muscles, then this is a suitable choice for you.

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