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best MMA shorts

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Best MMA Shorts

Most people believe that they don’t really need special MMA shorts for training. And, to an extent, it’s true that you don’t need it. You can still train using gym shorts. But your training will certainly benefit a lot from having the right gear.

MMA shorts are designed specifically considering the kind of movements you go through in MMA. They’re a lot less restrictive than gym shorts, which gives you greater fluidity of motion. They can also sustain a lot more damage than gym shorts without coming undone, because they’ll certainly be taking quite a bit of pounding during MMA.

The right set of MMA shorts can give you access to a full range of motion, allowing you to kick without issues. They are also extremely comfortable and they dry easily so you don’t have to worry about sweaty shorts while training.

All things considered, if you’re serious about MMA, then you should definitely invest in the right pair of MMA shorts. In this article, we give you an overview of some of the best MMA shorts out there.

Best shorts for MMA

1. Clinch Gear Performance MMA Shorts

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Clinch Gear Performance MMA Shorts

Clinch Gear Performance MMA Shorts are the most popular MMA shorts as they have a strong reputation for comfort and mobility. They have 360 degree stretch panels around the sides of the shorts and the crotch area so you can kick high and around easily.

These MMA shorts are also made from an extremely light microfiber material that’s stretchable and extremely durable. The microfiber material also has a moisture wicking property so it never gets completely wet regardless of how much you sweat. It’s also extremely easy to dry so you can wear it repeatedly for multiple training sessions. In terms of softness, you can’t beat this material — it feels like wearing nothing at all.

While these shorts don’t come with drawstrings, they do have velcro straps you can use the adjust the short around the waist. The inner waistband also holds a small pocket in which you can store car keys and other small items.

The best aspect of the Clinch Gear Performance MMA Shorts is that they’re super stretchable with sublimated graphics, strong waistband, durable material, and moisture wicking capacity. The only issue is that the size is slightly large.

2. Hayabusa Kickboxing MMA Shorts

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Hayabusa Kickboxing MMA Shorts

Hayabusa Kickboxing MMA Shorts were originally designed specifically for kickboxers. But they became so popular in the field of combat sports that they soon rolled out universal versions of the shorts that can also be used for MMA, May Thai, Boxing, and a number of other combat sports.

These shorts are extremely lightweight and have a relaxed and flexible fit, which makes them especially suitable for long training sessions. There’s no hardware or velcro straps attached, which makes it extremely lightweight and comfortable. It has a hybrid elastic waistband that clings to your form perfectly and there’s a drawstring you can use to adjust the waist.

These shorts are also specially designed with a mid-thigh kickboxer cut to give you completely fluidity of motion during complex kicks. There’s also a side-split design to enhance range of motion.

Hayabusa Kickboxing MMA Shorts come in a range of sizes and colors. You can choose between 10 different colors and styles — black/white, red/white, green, grey/white, purple, steel blue, blue/white, black/grey, blue/grey, and red. The colors and designs are also such that they won’t bleed no matter how much you wash them.

3. Hayabusa Chikara 4 MMA Shorts

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Hayabusa Chikara 4 MMA Shorts

Hayabusa, as previously mentioned, is one of the leaders in the world of MMA shorts. They’re known for innovation and technical prowess, which has made them a mainstay in the world of fight gear. The Chikara 4 is one of their most popular products — it’s a board-style MMA short with an advanced tie system and a webbed backing. This ensures that the shorts are customized perfectly to fit the fighter.

These MMA shorts also feature an attractive sublimated dyed design on the side that doesn’t bleed no matter how much you wash. You can rest assured that the design will be good as new even after years of continuous use and washing. These shorts are made of Hayabusa’s patented Mechanical PolyDirectionalTm stretch fabric and it has a T3 reinforced stitching. This ensures that the shorts won’t rip or tear apart.

The Hayabusa Chikara 4 is extremely durable and stretchable. The material is versatile and won’t provide any hindrance while fighting. These knee-length shorts provide maximum comfort and complete range of motion. The silicone waistband is reinforced with velcro straps and drawstrings so you can adjust the waist as you deem fit.

It’s available in several sizes and four different colors — blue, red, black, and grey.

4. Hayabusa Metaru MMA Shorts

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Hayabusa Metaru MMA Shorts

Hayabusa Metaru is yet another incredibly powerful and popular MMA short. The best aspect of these shorts is the reinforced stitching. When it comes to MMA shorts, it’s important to have strong stitching because that’s what’s holding the shorts together and they do experience a fair bit of strain. Hayabusa Metaru is designed with double-reinforced stitching so there’s no way the stitching will come undone, no matter how rigorously you use it.

MMA shorts also need to be flexible. That’s why some MMA shorts go for split side seams to provide range of motion while some go for flexible fabrics. Hayabusa Metaru, however, doesn’t choose one or the other. It’s made of an extremely flexible fabric and it also features split side seams. That makes Hayabusa Metaru one of the most flexible shorts out there.

The waistband is also hardware-free and clings to your form without the use of any additional velcro straps or drawstrings, which minimizes the risk of obstructions during a fight. The biggest issue with these MMA shorts is that they’re quite expensive so it may pinch you a little to get several of these. They’re currently only available in three colors — black/brown, black/purple, and black/blue.

5. Anthem Athletics HELO-X Vale Tudo MMA Shorts

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Anthem Athletics HELO-X Vale Tudo MMA Shorts

Anthem Athletics HELO-X Vale Tudo is made from extremely lightweight yet ultra-strong material. The material is also highly flexible, moisture-wicking, and allows compression. The moisture-wicking capacity is especially useful because the sweat simply slides off and the shorts don’t absorb them, which prevents them from getting heavy during a fight. They also dry quickly after you wash them.

This MMA short has a multi-panel construction which enhances the durability and versatility. There’s a high-density flat-lock stitching that prevents the seams from coming undone and the dual-lock waistband ensures that it fits perfectly around your waist and won’t come loose during a fight.

The graphics, colors, and logo are completely sublimated on the shorts so they won’t crack, peel, or fade away. Even if you use these shorts regularly for several years, the design will stay intact. These shorts have been designed for extremely strenuous and rigorous use in MMA, catch wrestling, and other combat sports.

The Anthem Athletics HELO-X Vale Tudo can also be equipped with separate rashguards and grappling spats, but you’ll have to get those accessories separately. These shorts are available in 9 different styles — Black Hex With Green, Black Hex With Grey, Black Hex With Orange, Black Hex With Red, Black Topography, Midnight Viper, Pinstripe, Red Camo Hex, and Snow Camo Hex.

6. Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Shorts

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Diamond MMA Athletic Cup Shorts

The Diamond MMA Athletic Cup is one of the most expensive pair of MMA shorts out there, but the cost is completely justified, especially if you’re a professional. These compression shorts can be used for MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, and a number of other combat sports. They’re extremely lightweight and there’s a drawstring attached so you can customize the fit to your waist.

These shorts are made of premium spandex material that’s extremely flexible, has moisture-wicking capacity, and can take immense strain and abuse. The design is also quite intelligent as it’s equipped with a protective groin cup that fits nicely with the 4-strap jocks to protect your groins. The cup has been designed such that there’s no vertical or horizontal movement, which ensures that it remains fixed on your crotch area.

These MMA shorts also come with a co-molded elastomer design and a polycarbonate core, which ensures heightened comfort and protection. The core is rigid yet flexible and it’s essentially made of the same material used in bulletproof glass, which ensures that you won’t feel the impact on your groins. It’s available in a wide range of sizes so you can get one that fits you perfectly but there’s only one color available.

7. Elite Sports Black Jack MMA Shorts

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Elite Sports Black Jack MMA Shorts

Elite Sports Black Jack is one of the most reasonable MMA shorts available. These aren’t the most popular MMA shorts out there, but they’re very comfortable and perfect for those who are just training or on a tight budget. These fight shorts are so comfortable that you can easily wear them on a lazy Sunday while lounging around the house as well. The material is soft and it doesn’t cling to your body.

These shorts are extremely lightweight and made of soft polyester fabric that can sustain considerable damage. The elastic doesn’t constrict movement and allows you a complete range of motion while still making sure that the shorts cling to your waist perfectly. The microfiber material is also tear-resistant and won’t come undone no matter how rigorously you train.

These MMA shorts also come with two-fold and non-chaffing waistbands along with velcro closure. The drawstring keeps the shorts in place even during intense training sessions. The side splits on the shorts allow you to stretch and do quick leg work without resistance.

The Elite Sports Black Jack is available in 8 different colors — Black, Blue, Premium Black, Red, Gray, Purple, Brown, and White. It’s worth noting that the general color of the shorts is universally black and only the color of the logo and waistband changes.

8. Meister MMA Compression Rush Shorts

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Meister MMA Compression Rush Shorts

The Meister MMA Compression Rush is one of the best premium MMA shorts out there. These shorts are incredibly versatile because you can wear them for various different combat sports such as BJJ, MMA, and Muay Thai. They’re also extremely cheap, which means you can buy several of these MMA shorts without breaking the bank.

Considering how cheap these MMA shorts are, they provide a lot of utility and are also surprisingly durable. These MMA shorts are double-stitched and made of premium stretchable material, which makes them highly durable. The interlocking seams are smooth, flat, and double-stitched. The fabric is such that it can also regulate body temperature and keep you from getting too hot. The fabric wicks away moisture and also prevents odor from setting in.

The inner cup pocket is equipped with a velcro closure that fits any cup. You can also wear these shorts without a cup. These shorts cling to your legs, however, so you can also wear them under board shorts if you want. They’re available in two colors — black and red.

9. Verus MMA Shorts

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Verus MMA Shorts

Verus is a pretty small brand but they do make pretty great MMA shorts. The fabric is extremely durable and strong and can fit anyone at all. It’s made from a 100% polyester material that renders the shorts extremely lightweight and comfortable while still being flexible and durable.

The stitching on these shorts is exceptional, reinforced with W3 stitching. This means that the stitching is strong and prevents the shorts from coming undone while also increasing maneuverability and mobility. The waistband comes with an interlocking drawstring that you can use to adjust the waist as you want.

Despite being a relatively obscure brand and being fairly cheap, Verus is still quite powerful. If you’re on a budget, these shorts are great for you. They’re only available in two different shades of black, however, so you don’t have a lot of options to choose from.

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