These are the best MMA training gloves to protect your fists!

MMA training gloves are one of the most crucial protective gears for you. When you step into the octagon or even when you’re simply practicing, you only have two protective gears you can count on — your MMA training gloves and your mouthguard. So you should invest wisely in these fighting gears.

Some people are under the impression that MMA training gloves are meant to protect your adversary from your punches. But that’s not true — they’re meant completely for your protection. Most MMA training gloves are under 4 ounces in weight, so they don’t provide complete protection, but they can be adequate, especially when combined with a hand wrap under the gloves.

MMA training gloves are also quite expensive, which is why it’s important to make sure you’re getting a set that’s perfect for your needs, level of training, and your style of MMA fighting. In this article, we give you an overview of some of the best MMA training gloves on the market so you can make an informed decision.

Best MMA Gloves for Training & Sparring


1. Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves

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Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves

The Hayabusa T3 is the perfect set of MMA gloves for all combat sports, especially MMA. This pair of gloves is also suitable for all kinds of athletes and for boxing. This MMA glove comes with a pre-curved design so it perfectly adheres to the natural curvature of your hands, which prevents your hand from exhaustion. It also comes with a Dual-X closure that ensures that the glove is perfectly stabilized in your hands and wrists.

This MMA glove also comes with a Y-Volar design that enhances its stability and gives you greater comfort and control. Regardless of the actions you’re engaging in, this pair of gloves remains perfectly aligned with your hands and doesn’t get in the way. The exteriors of this glove are made of top-grade foam complex. It’s perfectly flexible from the very beginning and you don’t need to break it in.

This MMA training glove also comes with Deltra-EG foam, which absorbs impact perfectly and dissipates it across the gloves so you don’t hurt yourself and can throw punches continuously without exhaustion. The outer shell has also been tested to be completely durable and it’s resistant to cracks, abrasion, tears, and other forms of damage.

All things considered, Hayabusa T3 is the perfect set of MMA training gloves for everyone, beginners and professionals. It’s available in seven color combinations — Black, Black/Red, Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Grey, Black/Purple, and White/Black.

2. Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves

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Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves

Venum Undisputed 2.0 is one of the best MMA training gloves on the market currently. This MMA training glove is made of premium-quality Nappa leather with reinforced double-stitching. This ensures completely comfort and durability so that the gloves don’t tear or come apart at the seams regardless of how much impact they sustain.

Venum is one of the biggest companies when it comes to combat fight gear and their products are often used in professional flights and in the octagon. Venum Undisputed 2.0 is no different and is favored by professional MMA fighters across the globe.

This MMA glove also features foam layers inside the gloves that create a natural curvature that can adhere to the curves of your hand. It’s also perfect for ergonomics and ensures there’s no slipping while you’re wearing it. This allows you to focus on your punches without distraction.

The only small downside here is that authentic leather takes a while to break in. This MMA glove has been made from the highest quality of leather available, so it’s extremely strong and durable. But leather takes a while to break in so you should practice with these gloves for a few days or weeks before you use them in a serious match.

The wrist support on this glove is pretty high and it’s perfectly secured with a velcro strap. You can also secure the wrist straps with a single hand within seconds. The velcro quality is strong and you don’t have to worry about the straps coming undone in the midst of your practice.

All things considered, Venum Undisputed 2.0 is undoubtedly one of the best MMA training gloves on the market right now. It’s extremely strong, comfortable, stable, and it can be used by beginners and professionals. It’s available in five colors — Black, Matte Black, Neo Orange, Neo Pink, and White.

3. RDX Combat Training MMA Gloves

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RDX Combat Training MMA Gloves

RDX Combat Training is a completely authentic MMA training glove made of full-grain cowhide leather, which is one of the strongest types of leather available. In addition to being made of extremely strong and durable material, it has also been reinforced with double-stitching to prevent it from coming apart due to impact. The strengthened seams ensure that the padding remains in place and also holds the leather together firmly.

A lot of MMA training gloves are made of premium materials, but what truly sets RDX Combat Training apart is the price point. Unlike many other MMA training gloves, this one had a great value and is fairly affordable for most people. If you’re looking for a high-quality MMA training glove at a reasonable price, this is a great choice for you.

This MMA training glove is available in sizes ranging from small all the way to extra-large, so it can be worn by just about anyone. It’s also extremely easy to wear and secure because of the Quick-EZ Velcro straps. The velcro quality is also strong and the gloves won’t come apart during training.

All things considered, RDX Combat Training is the ideal pair of sparring or grappling MMA training gloves if you’re looking for something affordable. It’s made of 100% cowhide leather and has reinforced stitching to ensure perfect padding, comfort, and durability. Considering the cost and quality, these are some of the best MMA training gloves you can ask for.

4. Everlast Pro MMA Gloves

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Everlast Pro MMA Gloves

Everlast is one of the world’s best boxing brands and they’ve recently forayed into MMA fighting gear as well. Everlast Pro is one of the best MMA training gloves for beginners on the market currently. It’s only available in two colors — black and red.

This training glove weighs 4 ounces and is made of synthetic leather. The inner lining of this training glove is made of the patented Everlast EverDri technology which has brilliant moisture-wicking ability. This ensures that your sweat will simply slide off the glove and won’t stay inside, which ensures that the gloves don’t get stinky fast.

The palms are also open, which further enhances the glove’s overall breathability and quick-drying property. You should, however, air-dry these gloves after training to ensure that all of the sweat and moisture leaves, preventing odors from building up over time. This MMA training glove also has an open thumb design.

While this feature isn’t usually suitable for professionals and advanced trainers, some beginners prefer it that way. The one thumb style has a benefit and a drawback. The clear drawback is that it doesn’t provide protection to the thumbs, which is usually more vulnerable than all the other fingers. But this also has an advantage in that your thumbs are more flexible, which enables you to get a better grappling hold.

Everlast Pro also comes with velcro straps that can keep it secured to your wrist. Unlike many other gloves, this MMA training glove doesn’t come with back padding. This reduces the overall weight of the gloves but it also means it’s not as protective. All things considered, Everlast Pro is a durable and reasonable MMA training glove for beginners on a budget. But it’s not suitable for advanced trainers and professionals.

5. Combat Sports MMA Gloves

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Combat Sports MMA Gloves

If padding matters to you, then Combat Sports has one of the most padded MMA training gloves on the market. The biggest advantage of this MMA training glove is that it comes with 2 inches of padding concentrated on the knuckle region, which makes it perfect for strikers and pounders.

The construction is such that you can make a tight fist easily. The leather finger holes are also extremely easy to slide into and they’re extremely durable so they won’t deteriorate with time, even though the finger holes are usually the first parts of the gloves to come apart.

While the padding is great for some people, it can also pose some difficulties. The padding on the knuckle means this MMA training glove has a protruding edge at the top. As such, while training, it’s easy to get the gloves stuck in narrow spaces like arm bars. Another drawback is the weak velcro straps that lose their effectiveness soon and come apart. Customers have stated that they have to tape the straps down sometimes.

All things considered, this MMA training glove by Combat Sports is extremely durable, strong, and safe. It’s also perfect for strikers because of the 2” padding on the knuckles. But it has weak velcro straps that make it come across as unprofessional and the padding may be too bulky for some people. While it may be suitable for beginners and novices, it’s not meant for professionals and advanced MMA trainers.

6. Cheerwing MMA Gloves

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Cheerwing MMA Gloves

Cheerwing is a fairly reasonable synthetic leather MMA training glove. This MMA training glove has been made of PU leather and it’s available in a range of five colors — Black, White, Yellow, Red, and Blue. You can also get this MMA training glove in two sizes — Large and Extra Large. As such, this training glove should be suitable for a large number of people. The biggest issue with this MMA training glove is that it’s pretty heavy at 10 ounces while most MMA gloves are generally around 4 ounces.

This training MMA glove has a lot of padding around the knuckles, which accounts for the additional weight. These MMA training gloves are suitable for you if you want to train with heavy bags but don’t want to invest in proper boxing gloves. These training MMA gloves fall somewhere in between traditional MMA gloves and boxing gloves in terms of protection and padding. It has a lot more padding than most MMA gloves but a lot less than boxing gloves. The additional padding also affects your flexibility, which is why it’s not preferred by advanced practitioners of MMA.

While the padding affects flexibility, it doesn’t completely restrict it. Since they’re fingerless, you still have enough mobility in your fingers to practice grappling moves. These MMA training gloves are also fairly reasonable and affordable so most people can buy them without breaking the bank.

You should also note that these are, at the end of the day, cheap synthetic leather gloves. As such, you can’t really expect premium leather quality or long term durability. If you use it frequently, the leather is likely to start cracking or tearing. It also doesn’t have great moisture management in place and you’re likely to end up with sweaty palms. You should always air these gloves after each session to preventing them from getting all stinky.

All things considered, if you want a cheap beginners MMA training glove with a lot of protection and padding, then Cheerwing is suitable for you. But it’s not suitable for anyone else.

7. Fairtex FGV15 MMA Gloves

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Fairtex FGV15 MMA Gloves

Fairtex FGV15 is a fairly expensive MMA training glove made of genuine top-grain leather.  While this MMA training glove is made with premium materials, it’s pretty expensive and there are better alternatives available at that price point.

This MMA training glove comes with an open palm design and it has a double wrist wrap hook & loop closure. This provides added support for the wrist and ensures a snug and comfortable fit. The knuckle region features additional padding to facilitate striking. It also has a pre-curved design so it can adhere to the shape of your fists and provide complete protection.

All things considered, Fairtex FGV15 is premium quality and durable MMA training glove that can be used by all kinds of trainers. But it may be bulky for some people and it’s way too expensive for what it offers.

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