Best Mouthguards for Kids & Youths

Leaving your kids out in the sports ground might cause you to worry because the chance of injury is always present. All you can do is minimize the risks by making sure that they are wearing the necessary protective equipment and hope for the best.

Protective equipment like padding is especially important when it comes to contact sports like hockey, lacrosse, and football. It’s highly recommended that you invest in a quality mouthguard to protect your teeth and gums.

There are various choices for mouthguards available in the market today — flavored or unflavored, strapless or with strap, etc. Some mouthguards are specifically designed to be used with braces. Some can be used with or without braces. Mouthguards that come with straps can be attached to face masks or helmets. There are mouthguards that offer complete protection, including your lips.

Some mouthguards need to be put in boiling water so that they become easily moldable. A good mouthguard uses high-quality materials like silicone and is lactose, BPA, and phthalate-free. It should be very breathable so that more oxygen can be supplied to your muscles. The fit is essential as well — a secure and comfortable fit is important for better protection. You can pick up a good mouthguard for less than $30 so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank for it.

In this article, we give you an overview of some of the best mouthguards for kids on the market.

Best Mouthguard for Kids

1. Shock Doctor Mouth Guard

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Shock Doctor Mouth Guard

The Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible Mouth Guard is designed with comfort and protection in mind. A Gel-Fit Liner and a heavy-duty rubber exoskeletal thick frame have been used to provide maximum comfort, protection, and a secure fit. However, this mouthguard isn’t recommended for individuals who wear braces.

This product may appear small initially when you unpack it. But if you follow the instructions carefully when fitting it, it will expand and mold to your teeth. The outer frame has been reinforced for greater protection. The mouthguard features integrated breathing channels so you will find it easier to breathe when wearing the mouthguard and be able to maximize performance. 

The heavy-duty exoskeletal shock frame protects the entire mouth from the hardest of impacts. It will also secure your teeth in place and protect cheek and tongue. The Gel-fit Liner Technology that’s used provides a comfortable fit for an extended period of time. The triple-layer design and the use of heavy-duty silicone make the product highly durable.

The product is available in several colors and both flavored and unflavored versions. You will find it suitable for all contact sports requiring mouthguards such as wrestling, football, boxing, and many more. The product comes with a detachable helmet strap for football and comes along with a $10,000 dental warranty.

2. Shock Doctor Max Airflow

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Shock Doctor Max Airflow

The Max Airflow mouthguard by Shock Doctor meets all national and state regulations. The outer frame has been reinforced for added protection. The technology used is geared for high impact and large breathing channels have been added for better performance. The good thing about the Max Airflow as compared to the Gel Max Convertible is that it can be used with braces.

The design of the Max Airflow is meant to keep your jaw relaxed and prevent your teeth from blocking the breathing channel, increasing flow capacity. It’s safer for kids as it is BPA free, latex-free, and phthalate-free. It ensures maximum comfort and easy fit with the use of integral bite pads and flexible, proprietary Shock Doctor polymers. 

As the name Max Airflow suggests, this product has higher breathability than most other mouthguards out there. It offers 10% more flow capacity so you will not easily feel winded and out of breath.

Multiple choices are available as far as color, chrome, and mouth guard graphics go. This mouthguard can be used by kids, teenagers, and adults as well. You can use it for hockey, football, and other contact sports. As with the previous product, you get a $10,000 dental warranty with the Max Airflow mouthguard as well.

3. Battle Fangs Football Mouthguard

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Battle Fangs Football Mouthguard

The Battle Fangs Football Mouthguard comes with a cool design that your kids will fall in love with and it’s made of good quality as well. Battle’s patent-pending Ever-Mold Composite technology has been used for added protection and durability. Battle has included a $35,000 dental warranty with this product.

This mouthguard is designed in the “boil and mold” method. That means you have to boil the mouthguard in order to mold it to your dental frame. You can even re-boil and remold it multiple times. It’s compatible with braces. A quick-release removable strap has been included which can be attached to face-masks as well. 

You can pick from multiple color combinations like black/yellow, black/white, gold/black, blue/white, neon green/white, pink, red/silver, silver/black, red/white, and neon yellow/black. You can use it for a variety of contact sports. This is a unisex mouthguard and you get several different sizes.

The only drawback of this product is that molding is only available for the top teeth and the boil and mold process might be difficult for some users.

4. SafeTGard Youth Form Fit Mouthguard

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SafeTGard Youth Form Fit Mouthguard

The SafeTGard Youth Form Fit Mouthguard is ideal for bulk purchase if you’re on a budget. They’re available in a pack of 100. You also get connected straps so they can be easily used with a face mask, making them ideal for games like hockey, football, and lacrosse. Some kids like to chew on their mouthguard and you can chew away at this one since it comes at a very low price and is latex-free, BPA-free, and uses FDA-approved colorant. They need to be boiled before fitting into the mouth and will adjust to your mouth in 10 seconds. You can choose from 12 different colors — navy blue, black, blue, clear, dark pink, forest green, gold, green, maroon, pink, purple, and volt green.

An $8000 dental warranty is included with each purchase. Each piece in the set is individually wrapped. Safe-T Guard is not as well known as the other brands out there but they are one of the best mouthguards available in the market today because of the protection and value they offer.

5. Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard

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Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard

The Double Braces Mouth Guard by Shock Doctor has been specifically designed to be used with orthodontics. The ergonomic design ensures that the mouthguard will sit on top of the brackets and protect both upper and lower teeth. 

Unlike most mouthguards, the Double Braces MouthGuard is designed to fit you straight out of the box. Boiling and molding isn’t required. The mouthguard will adapt to changes in your tooth position with adjustment in braces as well.

The product has been field-tested with athletes for every sport from Roller Derby to Football. High-quality medical grade silicone is used, which means it will last you a long time. There are no rough edges or irritant materials either — it’s Phthalate-free, BPA-free, and latex-free. 

As with other Shock Doctor mouthguards, the Double Braces Mouth Guard comes with $10,000 dental warranty. Its design is compliant with state and national high school rules requiring full coverage of the upper brace brackets. Both strapped and strapless models are available. The strapped model can be used with a helmet as well.

6. Battle Oxygen Predator Football Mouthguard

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Battle Oxygen Predator Football Mouthguard

Battle Oxygen Predator Football Mouthguard has an eye-catching look with the use of bold, bright colors, and an unnerving fang design. It’s designed for higher-level performance in football. The original Oxygen mouthguard was patented, delivering a new standard in performance enhancement for high-intensity sports.

Athletic, medical, and dental experts have designed and developed this advanced composite mouthguard to provide an impact shield for protecting the teeth, mouth, and lips of contact sport athletes. The Oxygen Predator mouthguard, as compared to the original Oxygen mouthguard, delivers increased airflow. The open mouthpiece design has been patented. It makes scuba breathing innovations, delivering more oxygen to the brain and muscles for enhanced performance, quicker recovery, faster reaction, and clearer thinking in the field. 

There is no boil and mold required. You can just put the mouthguard in your mouth, bite down, and you’re good to go. The mouthguard easily fits over braces and will protect both lips and teeth. A convertible strap is included and one size will fit most people.

Battle offers a $5000 dental warranty along with the product and also an unlimited guarantee for manufacturing defects.

7. SISU Mouth Guards

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SISU Mouth Guards

The SISU Mouth Guard is an excellent choice for you if you’re looking for a mouthguard that’s designed for contact sports. It will provide superior dental protection for players from 11 years and up.

The ultra-light design makes it a very popular choice. It’s 1.6 mm thick, which is 50% thinner than other sports mouthguards. Even though it’s thin, it still delivers a high level of protection along with comfort and convenience.

The slim and customized fit makes it easier to talk, breathe, and drink without having to take off the mouthguard. The rounded edges are designed to provide additional comfort. You will surely find the slim and customized fit impressive.

The mold is also improved, ensuring that users get a perfect fit. You can easily remold it by using hot water. The Diffusix technology makes use of perforated and non-comprehensible material that’s designed to distribute impact, delivering a higher level of protection and minimizing risks of dental injury.

You may, however, find the slim design to be a little too thin for heavier sports like Muay Thai and MMA.

8. Battle Oxygen Lip Protector

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Battle Oxygen Lip Protector

The Battle Oxygen Lip Protector is an advanced composite football mouthguard. It provides full mouth, lips, and teeth protection. The mouthguard has a very large breathing hole, maybe the largest of any mouthguard in the market. This guarantees that more oxygen is delivered to the muscles for better performance and stamina.

It’s suitable with or without braces and comfortable to wear with an easy fit. One size fits most athletes. No boiling is necessary. All you have to do is wear and bite down on it and you’re set.

You also get a $5000 dental warranty with or without braces, along with an unlimited defective guarantee. Using this mouthguard can help you prevent temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. It’s approved by medical, athletic, and dental experts because of its ability to offer excellent airflow. You should take note that this mouthguard uses soft rubber, which tends to encourage chewing in some people. This could reduce the overall lifespan of the mouthguard.

9. Under Armour Mouthwear

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Under Armour Mouthwear

Under Armour Mouthwear is an excellent choice for mouthguard considering the fact that it uses the unique ArmourFit material, which is high-quality and durable.

The material is able to easily mold to your teeth giving a comfortable and tight fit. It sits close to the skin without the squeeze of compression giving you a more streamlined fit. The ArmourFit technology provides chew-resistance, dentist-like fit, and allows you to breathe and talk easily. Clear boiling and microwave instructions are included in the packaging. 

The product is compliant with NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) rules and is latex-free. It can be used with all contact sports and comes along with a $32,000 dental warranty.

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