Best Neck Weight Harness

A neck harness is a good way to strengthen your neck muscles, which is crucial to prevent injury if you are engaged in contact sports.

Neck muscles are usually not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of strength training. It is important to train neck muscles, especially when it comes to contact sports to prevent concussions and other injuries. Neck harnesses are the way to go for neck strength training.

The neck is a delicate part of your body and has many important nerves at the back. It is important to practice safe training, and to this end, you should consider your options when you are purchasing a neck harness. 

Neck harnesses are worn around your head like headbands. Many neck harnesses break or wear away pretty quickly. You can only add so much weight and material that can actually be worn around your head before it gets too heavy. A good neck harness is made in such a way that it uses less material and padding but is still durable and comfortable.

This guide lists some of the best neck harnesses available in the market today.

Best Neck Training Harness

1. DMoose Fitness Neck Head Harness

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DMoose Fitness Neck Head Harness

The DMoose Fitness Neck Head Harness comes in 5 different colors – Blue, Red, Black, Gray, and the American Flag. The harness is very durable and will not break even with heavier weights. This is because of the heavy-duty stainless steel chain of D-shaped rings.

The strap that goes around your head has been double-stitched to increase durability as well. The material used for the strap is high-grade breathable neoprene for more comfort and stability. A carabiner suspends the weight on both sides. The harness is adjustable because of the fastening strap at the back. The harness holds the weight pretty securely so you can exercise without worrying about the weights swinging into your body. It can hold up to 20 pounds, which is much more than your neck can manage. While durability and comfort are a priority, it looks very sleek as well.

The harness can be used by MMA fighters, boxers, kickboxers, and other contact sports players to develop neck strength. You can use it for progressive training to recover from injuries too by adding or removing weight plates. The harness helps prevent concussions and unwanted knockouts. The product comes with a lifetime guarantee so you do not have to worry about manufacturing defects.

2. A Headstrap Fit for Hercules

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A Headstrap Fit for Hercules

The IronMind Headstrap Fit for Hercules is designed to not only exercise the front and back muscles of your neck but the sides as well. Training with this harness will protect you from neck injuries and help you have a better posture as well. The strap can be adjusted to fit heads from 20 inches to 26 inches in circumference. The headstrap feels very comfortable and light because of the fabric being used.

The strap hangs from the side and is attached to an additional belt made for holding weights. You can hang the weights from the red webbing belt but you can also use a loading pin and a carabiner if that is more convenient for you.

The unique color scheme and aluminum frame make the harness look pretty good. Lack of moving parts that swivel means lesser chances of failure and heavy-duty stitching makes this a very safe option for your neck training.

3. Title Boxing Neck Strengthener

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Title Boxing Neck Strengthener

The Title Boxing Neck Strengthener is more of a physical weight than a harness. You can wear it around your head but it will cover your eyes. The neck strengthener weighs 10 pounds and you cannot add any additional weight. Because there are no moving parts like chains and heavyweights, you are free to perform a wider range of exercises by moving your head in all directions.

The fixed weight may be a disadvantage for you, but the product was not designed to replace the traditional harness. It is an innovative way of working out your neck muscles. The hook and loop close feature makes it easy to take on and off.

4. RDX Head Harness

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RDX Head Harness

The RDX Head Harness is handcrafted with premium neoprene material which is very durable. The material will absorb excess sweat so you do not have to worry about it slipping off your head. RDX calls the material Neo-1. The strap has three layers of padding for extra protection from shocks and to mitigate cutting and chafing. The soft polyester lining gives more comfort. The Quick-EZ hook and loop close feature makes the strap easily adjustable.

The harness has a thick attachable chain that can be hooked to weights. The chain has heavy-duty steel D-ring shackles. It is rustproof and will last many years. You can add a lot of weight without the chain losing shape or cracking. The D-shackles makes taking weights on and off simple.

It is available only in black color. It can support 25 pounds at the least. You can add cables to do reverse neck curls as well. The top strap is not adjustable, however, so the headband or the D-rings may rub against the top of your ear and irritate the skin, though that will depend on the size of your head. If this is the case for you, you can get a tailor to shorten the strap by just a little bit. It would have been really good if RDX would have made the top strap adjustable.

5. Body-Solid Tools Nylon Head Harness

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Body-Solid Tools Nylon Head Neck Harness


The Body Solid Nylon Head Harness uses high-quality materials and can be used by any athlete for neck strengthening exercises. It is especially recommended for contact sport players. The harness can be used with any kind of weight size because of the D-ring steel chain. Double-layered nylon construction of the strap makes the harness very durable.

The harness feels secure and will fit you comfortably thanks to the adjustable strap. High-density neoprene padding ensures that you can train without worrying about irritating abrasions and other injuries. The padding is meant to absorb shocks and mitigate chafing. 

You can not only use the harness with free weights but also with high and low pulley machines. The harness is 9.45 x 7.01 x 2.31 inches long and weighs 2 pounds. The product comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. The only issue here is that the strap may be small for users with bigger head size. As such, you should ideally test it out and measure your head before purchasing this neck harness.

6. RIMSports Head Harness

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RIMSports Head Harness

RIMSports Head Harness has been designed keeping versatility in mind. The harness is padded with reinforced-stitching and has adjustable straps for your head, forehead, and chin.

You also get a heavy-duty steel chain and 4 large D-rings. Care is taken to ensure that the D-rings will not rub against your ears, thereby ensuring that the skin around your ears isn’t irritated. This is usually the case with most other neck harnesses in the market. The harness is designed in such a way that the D-rings will be put at the side of your ears and below your chin. This will allow you to perform a wide range of complex exercises. You can use this harness to build your neck muscles as well as stretch and strengthen the muscles of your spine. 

The harness is manufactured from high-quality neoprene and cotton blend. The strap feels comfortable and stable even while securing weights. A strong fastening system helps you easily load your exercise equipment using the carabiner and chain. You can expect your head to remain reasonably dry because of their moisture-wicking technology. You will also get a free ebook from RIMSports showing you how to use the head harness for various exercises if you order from Amazon.

As such, this neck harness is ideal for both beginners and advanced trainers. You should ideally order it from Amazon, especially if you’re a beginner because you also get access to the training guide with it.

7. Harbinger Padded Leather Head Harness

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Harbinger Padded Leather Head Harness

Exercising your neck with weights is a challenging workout but you get the benefit of a stronger neck and improved posture. This harness is padded with polyester shearling so you will not face any unnecessary discomfort during your workout.

The 2.5mm leather build ensures durability. The harness is fully adjustable so you will get a secure fit. The steel chain is 30 inches long and comes with a plate attachment mechanism along with D-ring connectors and clip closure feature. The harness weighs about 1 pound and can hold up to 250 pounds.

As such, this neck harness is extremely lightweight and anyone can wear it on their head without issues. You can easily attach plates and weights to the harness without fear of it banging against your body, which also ensures safety. Furthermore, the high weight capacity means that you can load it up with a lot of weight and gradually progress your resistance level to strengthen your neck and spinal muscles.

8. Spud Inc Neck Harness

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Spud Inc Neck Harness

The Spud Inc Neck Harness is made from soft 1-inch webbing and is one of the most comfortable and durable harnesses available in the market. The harness will fit most head sizes because of the adjustable hook and loop fasteners. You can perform traditional weighted neck exercises and also do additional exercises by using bands and chains. It is made in the U.S and is available in black and yellow colors. It can be used by athletes who are engaged in contact sports.

The biggest issue here is that the carabiners are small and don’t come unclipped easily. However, if you use 550lb or 750lb paracord, you can easily remedy that situation. Users have also complained that this neck harness sometimes chafes against the ears, and that is true. That’s why you should try it out and make sure that it doesn’t scrape against your ears before purchasing it.

While Spud Inc isn’t the best neck harness on the market, it’s fairly reasonable and it serves the purpose. You can also load it up and increase the resistance level to train your neck muscles further.

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