Best Punching & Boxing Bags for Kids

These are some of the best kids punching bags for kids so that the little ones can train from the comfort of their homes.

Boxing is an incredibly valuable skill for kids to learn. There are some who believe that boxing may teach children to be violent, but that’s not true at all. In fact, boxing can teach children the value of patience, concentration, and focus. It can also help children exert their emotions and frustrations in a productive manner, while also building up their physical strength and stamina.

Some parents are rightfully concerned that their children can get hurt since boxing is a contact sport. If that’s something you’re concerned about, you can simply train your children with kids punching bags. With the help of punching bags, you can inculcate all of the skills of boxing but without having to rely on a sparring partner and without the risk of injuries.

Furthermore, kids punching bags can be installed anywhere at all so your kids can practice and train themselves from the comfort of your home. Kids punching bags are also useful equipment for you if your kids are already training in a proper boxing gym.

There are a lot of different types of kids punching bags out there. You have hanging punching bags, standing punching bags, and other types of punching bags. Choosing the best punching bags for kids can be complicated because you have to consider features like the design, simplicity of use, safety features, age range, and others.

In this article, we give you an overview of some of the best punching bags for kids so you can make an informed purchase decision.

Best Kids Punching Bag

1. Liberty Imports Sport Boxing Set for Kids

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Liberty Imports Sport Boxing Set for Kids

Liberty Imports Sport Boxing Set is our best punching bags for kids that you can install in any room around the house.

This punching bag has a weighted stand filled with water or sand so that the punching bag can remain stable over it. Your child can also use the stand to hang their boxing gloves when they’re not in use. The boxing stand can be adjusted between the heights of 30 inches and 43 inches, depending on how tall your child is. This punching bag stand is ideal for children between the ages of 3 and 6. The stand also has a spring that ensures the punching bag sways back and forth when you punch it. This returns the punching bag to the child after being hit and it’s completely safe.

This punching bag can be assembled within minutes. You have to assemble the stand, weigh down the weighted stand, and inflate the punching ball. The entire set comes with a punching ball, the weighted stand, a pair of boxing gloves for your child, and a pump to inflate the punching bag. As such, this is an extremely reasonable punching bag set since it includes all of these equipment at a very reasonable rate.

2. Wavemaster Kid Kick for Kids

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Wavemaster Kid Kick for Kids

Wavemaster Kid Kick by Century has a semi-professional look to it and is another one of our best punching bags for kids. Even though it’s a kid’s punching bag, it looks like a mini version of a regular free-standing punching bag. This kids punching bag features a heavy circular platform at the bottom that serves as the weighted base. You have to weigh it down with sand or water to stabilize the base.

The height of the punching bag itself can be adjusted between 4 different levels according to the kid’s height. As such, you can continue using this punching bag even as your child grows. Once you weigh down the base, the overall weight of the punching bag is around 170 pounds, which is heavy enough that it won’t topple over when punched by a kid.

The base has been designed as such that you can easily move it around wherever you need, making it highly portable. Furthermore, the punching bag itself isn’t filled with air as is the case in so many kid’s punching bags but with foam. This offers a greater degree of resistance than air and more accurately imitates the feel of an actual punching bag. However, the resistance can also hurt the child’s legs and arms so make sure that they’re wearing boxing gloves when using this punching bag.

The entire punching bag is covered in a Nylon material so it’s extremely smooth and easy to maintain. The material is also water-resistant so it won’t get stained with sweat easily. All things considered, Wavemaster Kid Kick by Century is one of the best kids punching bags because it most accurately resembles an actual adult punching bag and offers a brilliant workout.

3. Ringside Kids Boxing Gift Set for Kids

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Ringside Kids Boxing Gift Set for Kids

Ringside Kids Boxing Gift Set is one of the best punching bags for kids that comes as a set for children between 2 and 5 years old. This is a beginner’s boxing set but it looks and feels like a real punching bag, just one meant for little kids.

This set includes a pair of boxing gloves, slip-on headgear for protection, elastic chin strap for the kids, and a mini punching bag. The punching bag itself weighs 2 pounds and it measures 17 inches in length.

It bears the Ringside logo as well and is available in three different colors — Black, Pink, and Royal Blue. It’s also worth noting that all of these different equipment are available at an incredibly reasonable price, which also makes this a budget-friendly purchase.

4. Taylor Toy Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids

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Taylor Toy Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids

Taylor Toy Inflatable is our best inflatable punching bag for kids. This is an extremely safe and fun-looking punching bag that your kids will love to play with. This is basically an inflatable bag that’s filled with air. It stands on its own and doesn’t require any weighted stands so the installation is extremely easy. Your kids can punch and kick this inflatable bag to train, release energy, and just have fun!

This inflatable punching bag is made from an extremely durable and heavy-duty material that won’t tear or wear away easily. Your kids can go on punching and kicking the bag without affecting it. While the entire bag has to be inflated with air, parents can place water or sand at the bottom so the bag can bounce back instead of toppling over. The body is made of heavy-duty vinyl cover.

This inflatable punching bag is perfect for energetic kids who have too much free energy and are restless. They can have fun punching and kicking this colorful punching bag so they tire themselves out. The attractive appearance also makes more kids want to play with it so training with a punching bag won’t seem like a chore.

5. NSG Jr Training Boxing Set for Kids

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NSG Jr Training Boxing Set for Kids

NSG Jr Training Boxing Set is the perfect set of punching bag and boxing gear for children over the age of 3. This boxing set is attractively designed with a black and red striped inflatable punching bag.

This boxing set is incredibly easy to assemble and put together. You have to fill up the circular boxing base with sand or water for stability. Next, you have to inflate the punching bag and attach it over the base. With that, you’re ready to start punching and practicing. It also comes with a spring-loaded adjustable pole on which you can hang your boxing gloves when you’re not using them. The dimension of the entire set is 14” x 43” x 14” but you can change the height by adjusting the length of the pole according to your kid’s height.

This punching bag set comes with a base, an adjustable pole, a stitched punching bag that you can inflate or deflate, a pair of boxing gloves, and a pump for the punching bag. The entire setup weighs 5 pounds. As such, this entire set has everything you could possibly need for boxing, making it a highly functional and reasonable choice.

6. Ringside Punching Bag Kit for Kids

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Ringside Punching Bag Kit for Kids

Ringside Punching Bag Kit is the perfect punching bag set for kids between the ages of 5 and 13. This punching bag isn’t just meant for general fitness or to give a healthy release for pent-up energy. While it can be used for those purposes, this punching bag resembles the kind of punching bags used by professionals and it is meant for kids who actually want to learn boxing for real. This punching bag set provides a serious workout.

This boxing set comes with a pair of boxing gloves, a pair of handwraps, a mounting clip, and a 40-pound vinyl heavy bag. This isn’t a free-standing punching bag and there’s no need for a weighted base. This punching bag needs to be installed on a ceiling with the help of the included swivel and mounting clip. As such, your kids can practice boxing like actual boxers and the heavy bag can also be used to teach them some complex maneuvers and techniques.

Since the bag is 40 pounds in weight, it’s enough for young trainers. The cover is made of a water-resistant vinyl so that it doesn’t get sweaty. This boxing bag set is red and black and it also features the Ringside logo on the sides. This bag also comes pre-filled so you don’t need to fill it up yourself. It’s filled with foam instead of air so there’s significant resistance.

All things considered, Ringside Punching Bag Kit is there perfect punching bag set meant for children aged 5 to 13. It’s ideal for those who are serious about boxing and looks and feels like an actual punching bag and comes with all the necessary equipment. It’s also fairly reasonable, considering all the boxing gear it comes with, making it an affordable and intelligent choice for most people.

7. Tech Tools Boxing Ball Set for Kids

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Tech Tools Boxing Ball Set for Kids

Tech Tools Boxing Ball Set is an extremely fun punching bag set for kids to have a good time while also building up their strength and stamina.

This is a free-standing punching bag with a weighted base that needs to be filled with water or stand for stability. If you don’t want to use a sandbag, your kids can also simply step on the base of the spring-loaded stand to stabilize the punching bag as their practice their moves.

This punching bag has great rebound and it will bounce back from whichever angle the kid is striking it. However, if there’s no weight and the child doesn’t set their foot on the base, the punching bag will just fall over. Furthermore, the base needs an external weight, whatever it may be. The base itself can’t be filled from the inside, which can be slightly inconvenient.

The height of the punching bag stand can be adjusted between 35 to 50 inches, which makes it suitable for growing kids. It’s meant for children over the age of 6. The entire set includes a pair of gloves as well so you can start using this punching bag as soon as it’s out of the package.

This punching bag is also extremely portable and easy to move around. The lack of sanding option for the base poses a stability issue but it also renders the entire setup more portable and convenient. The included gloves are also made from high-quality materials to protect your child’s hands.

The punching bag itself is inflated with air instead of foam. However, you have to get a separate air pump because this set doesn’t come with one. All things considered, this is an effective free-standing punching bag for children between the ages of 6 and 12.

8. BONK FIT Kids Inflatable Punching Bag

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BONK FIT Kids Inflatable Punching Bag

BONK FIT is one of the most fun kids punching bags on the market, suitable for extremely young kids between the ages of 3 and 5. This is an inflatable free-standing punching bag that comes in various attractive designs. The PVC-free and machine-washable cover of these punching bags features cartoon designs such as Lost Boy, Boxer, Easter, Lost Girl, Trick or Treat, and many others. The punching bag is available in three sizes — 1.5 feet, 3 feet, and 5 feet. You should get the set that’s suitable for your child’s age and height.

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