Best Reflex & Cobra Reflex Bags

What is a reflex bag?

A reflex bag is a free-standing punching bag which you can use to work on your movement while taking up very little space. It has a weighted base which sits on the ground, a punching bag at the top, and a pole connecting the bag and the base. The pole has a spring that makes it swing back at you when you strike the bag. 

It’s a lot simpler to set up than a double end bag since you don’t have to drill mounts into the ceiling and floor. This makes it a good option if you want to train when you’re at home. You can get a great workout in and train specific skills like head movement, dodging strikes, timing, and accuracy. It’s also much quieter than a double end bag so you can train without disturbing your neighbors, which may be necessary depending on your living situation. 

You should pay attention to a few aspects when choosing a reflex bag. The bag should be made of quality material. Genuine leather is usually the most durable. Synthetic/faux leather is more common these days. It is easier to clean but it might not be as durable as genuine leather. 

The location of the spring is also another factor to consider. If you’re a beginner, you would want the spring to be at the bottom of the pole as it gives a slower bound, giving you more reaction time. The base should be able to hold enough water or sand so that it remains stable. Some companies also give you a weight bag which you can place over the base to improve stability.

In this article, we will give you an overview of some of the best reflex bags so you can make an informed purchase.

Best Reflex Punching Bags

1. MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra 2.0

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MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra 2.0

The Maxx MMA Cobra Reflex Bag is one of the most popular bags in the market because of its unique benefits. It’s the only Cobra bag available in the market where you can adjust reflex speed and range.

Unlike most other bags where the spring is located close to the base, the MaxxMMA Cobra Reflex bag has its spring about halfway up the pole. This will give you a faster rebound, thereby increasing your difficulty level and giving you a more beneficial workout. The location of the spring also brings more stability to the bag, so knocking down the entire setup is less likely. The height is also adjustable from 52 inches to 65 inches.

The base is made of plastic and can be filled with up to 55 pounds of sand or 30 pounds of water. You can also place the included MaxxMMA Core Training Weight on the base to make it even more steady. You can put weighted plates on the base as well.

The bag is made of high-grade polyurethane, which is made to take on the most intense combat training. Two different bag sizes are offered, a medium and large size. Both of these bags have an inner bladder design. The rod connecting the base to the bag is made of steel. Large-sized green-colored hand wrap gel gloves are also included.

A few users have reported that you may need to reinforce the screws from time to time, but this depends on the intensity and the frequency of your workouts. Because it is possible to make adjustments to height, speed, and range, this bag offers benefits to users of every skill level.

2. MaxxMMA Speed-Adjustable Freestanding Reflex Bag

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MaxxMMA Speed-Adjustable Freestanding Reflex Bag

The Speed Adjustable Reflex Bag is unique because of its patented tension adjustment system. The slow mode can be used by beginners and the fast mode can be used even by coaches. The height of the stand can be adjusted from 48 inches to 61.5 inches. The punching ball comes with a one-year replacement guarantee.

The set comes complete with a base, gloves, and an inflation pump for the ball. The base is made of plastic and can hold 30 pounds of water or 55 pounds of sand. The bag is made of PVC and the rod is made of chrome-plated steel, making it highly durable. The spring has passed a bending test of 120,000 times.

The only disadvantage is that the height may not be enough for you if you are over 6 feet tall. However, with a high-quality build, a pair of gloves, and an inflation pump, the Speed Adjustable Bag makes for a compelling buy at a moderate price point.

3. Hyperflex Strike Bag (EA)

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Hyperflex Strike Bag (EA)

Everlast is a reputed name in the industry. The bag comes with individual locking springs so you have the option to choose between three different workout settings – Speed Flex, Straight Flex, and Hyper Flex.

With the Speed Flex setting, you can work on your punching speed, combinations, and reflex. The Straight Flex setting can be used to work on your technique, defense, timing, footwork, and agility. The Hyper Flex setting is for you if you want to take your training session up a notch as this setting simulates a sparring session.

The bag is bigger than other offers on the market. It can be used to emphasize proper technique. The bag is filled with high-density foam instead of air. This is bound to make your training sessions more challenging. The base is made of plastic and can hold 70 pounds of water. The bag is set at a height of 63 inches.

A disadvantage of this bag is that it only comes with a 120-day warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty will not be valid if there is obvious evidence of abuse, neglect, or misuse. If you can overlook this disadvantage, the unique features and brand name are enough for you to give it a go.

4. Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag

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Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag

This reflex bag from Ringside Fitness is suitable for you if you’re a novice boxer looking to develop your accuracy and timing. The bag is made of synthetic leather. The height can be adjusted between 49 inches and 69 inches.

The bag simulates the movements of a real opponent. You can use it to exercise your reflexes and get an intense workout at the same time. Since the bag is filled with dense foam instead of air, it is recommended that you wear wraps if not gloves when training with this bag. The spring is built of chrome and several users have reported that it’s quite bouncy and effective, giving you a good challenge. At the same time, the spring is located towards the bottom of the pole rather than the middle. This makes for a slow rebound and hence it’s perfect for the beginner boxer.

The plastic base tank can be filled with 240 pounds of sand or 125 pounds of water. A few users have reported that the base can leak when filled with water, but if that’s the case, you can get it replaced from the company.

5. Everlast Reflex Bag (EA)

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Everlast Reflex Bag (EA)

This reflex bag has a small base so you can use it to practice your mobility. You can practice striking from all directions, move laterally, close the distance, back away, and perform other such maneuvers.

The bag comes with only a few parts so you can set it up easily. The base is built of plastic and can be filled with either water or sand. The height can be adjusted for multiple users. You can also adjust it to match the height of a potential upcoming opponent.

6. Costzon Kids Boxing Set

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Costzon Kids Boxing Set

The Costzon Kids Boxing Set comes with a punching ball, a boxing set base, a pair of gloves, and a hand pump. The set is lightweight, portable, and easy to carry. The height can be adjusted anywhere between 32 inches and 48.5 inches, which makes it suitable for most kids.

The set comes in a black and red color combination. The bag is made of PVC leather. The base can hold 66 pounds of water or 33 pounds of sand. The adjustable rod is made of strong rust-resistant iron. This can be the perfect birthday or Christmas gift if you have a young one at home.

7. Tech Tools Boxing Ball Set

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Tech Tools Boxing Ball Set

This product from Tech Tools is ideal for you if you have just begun your journey in combat sports. It comes with all the equipment you need to start training at a very affordable price. The set includes a punching bag, boxing gloves, hand pump, and an adjustable height stand. 

Even though this bag may not be suitable for adults and veteran fighters, it’s perfect for kids and teenagers who are just starting out in martial arts. You can adjust the height of the stand between 48 inches and 58 inches, which is not as high as the other options on the list. It is also a little flimsy and can topple over if you use too much force.

In all, it is a good buy for kids who are starting out in martial arts since you get the complete set at a very affordable price.

8. TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball

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TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball

If a reflex bag is not in your budget, or you can’t make space for one, you can instead try the Boxing Reflex Ball from Tekxyz. You get two balls in the set. You can use any of them depending on your skill level. You can choose  between red and black or red and yellow. The black ball is good for beginners because the string on it has less tension. You will have more reaction time when the ball is coming back at you. It is worth mentioning that even some professional fighters use a reflex ball as a part of their warm up routine.

It comes with a silicone velcro headband which you can wear like a regular headband. An elastic string is attached to the headband with a ball hanging on the other end. The ball will hang in front of you when you put on the headband. It weighs about 23 to 25 grams, less than half the weight of a tennis ball. Due to being lightweight, you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself when using the product. You can use it even if you are recovering from an injury.

It’s a much simpler and more convenient option than the ones that come with a stand. You can begin training immediately. However, it is not a replacement for a conventional reflex bag. It comes at a very low price and you can avail a discount of 20 percent if it’s your first time ordering from the company’s website.

9. Title Boxing Rapid-Reflex Boxing Bar Tri-Bag

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Title Boxing Rapid-Reflex Boxing Bar Tri-Bag

This Title Boxing Bag features the spinning rapid-reflex boxing bar, the spring-mounted striking ball, and paddle target, making it a multi-functional training bag suitable for athletes of all skill levels and sizes.

The spinning rapid-reflex boxing bar is made of padded stainless steel with sealed precision bearings to make its revolutions completely uninhibited. The paddle target is made of padded steel too and the striking ball is filled with dense molded foam. The striking ball is ideal for punches, strikes, and combinations. You can use the Tri-Bag to perfect your precision, punching speed, blocking, slipping, bob and weave, defense, power punches, jabs, combinations, and more. The base can be filled with 250 pounds of water or sand. Rubber suction cups at the bottom of the base provides additional stability. The rod can be adjusted between 60 inches and 78 inches.

The use of steel for its various parts makes the Title Boxing Tri-Bag very durable. It is a complete solution for various types of training. All things considered, Title Boxing Bag is a highly-durable option for those looking to practice several of their movements.

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