Best Boxing & MMA Sauna Suit for Weight Loss

These are the best sauna suits for weight cutting either before a competitive boxing or MMA fight or in general weight cutting and weight loss.

It is only once you have used a sauna suit that you can truly appreciate the benefits that it has to offer. Some are skeptical of using it because of the argument that it makes you lose a lot of water, not weight. Although you do shed a lot of water weight, there are many benefits to this.

A sauna suit causes your body temperature to rise so there is a corresponding rise in the metabolic rate. Your body burns up more fat as the other bodily functions increase. Sweating is a great way to detoxify and research shows that certain toxins are better eliminated through perspiration than through liver and kidney. Using a sauna suit can help you sweat much more in your workout with lesser effort. You must have experienced at least once in your life how light it feels after you have sweated intensely and then taken a shower.

Sweat contains antimicrobial peptides that actively fight against bacteria, fungi, and viruses making them harmless. This can help boost your immune system. Many people complain about feeling bloated and having swollen feet or fingers. One of the reasons this happens is because muscles have a tendency to hold water when facing stress. Heavy sweating can help fix this problem.

 Heat signifies intensity and dynamism. Inertia is created in the body when it is allowed to cool below a certain point. A sauna suit can help you warm up faster and maintain the body’s temperature when you take a break in the middle of your workout. It should be noted that you should not do yoga while wearing a sauna suit because contrary to modern fads like hot yoga and Bikram yoga where the room is heated to 105 degrees, yoga should be done in the cooler hours of the day. Breathing patterns and concentration points unique to yogic practices are meant to raise the energy levels. If the outside temperature is high, it can lead to damage at the cellular level.

Since sauna suits can make you sweat far more than usual, they can stink quite a lot with prolonged use. That is why machine washable suits are a more convenient option. There are multiple factors to look at when buying a sauna suit like fit, material, and price.

Best Sauna Suit for Boxing & MMA 

1. RDX MMA Sauna Suit

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RDX MMA Sauna Suit

The RDX MMA Sauna Suit has the look of a highly fashionable sweatsuit on the outside but conceals a unique EVA nylon material. A hood has been added for more training options and also makes it look more stylish. The complete set includes a pullover top, long sleeves, and pants. The waist, waistline, cuffs, and ankles have been surrounded by rugged elastic for excellent sauna action and air retention. The fit is oversized for better results.

The suit makes it possible for you to triple your weight loss by melting away water weight and unwanted fat using your body’s natural heat. All you have to do is stimulate the body a little by moving around and exercising a little bit. The body will naturally excrete unwanted weight through perspiration. The RDX MMA Sauna Suit works as an effective sweat aid by using natural body heat generated from physical increase to increase perspiration. The suit is designed as a unisex workout suit by making it slim-fit and non-bulky. It is available in multiple sizes — M, L, XL, XXL.

The Nylon fabric conceals the PU inner so you get un-tearable quality and efficient thermal insulation. The smart design with a zipper and drawstring hoodie can help shed 20% more water weight. The sturdy non-tear design makes it machine washable. You can choose from 3 color schemes — red/black, blue/black, or all black.

Fighters need to weigh in on the night before their fight to make sure they have made the weight limit for their particular weight class. A common practice among professional fighters is weight cutting. Some fighters use sauna suits to lose water weight just before weighing in. After weighing in, they rehydrate and refuel carefully to quickly regain the 10 to 20 pounds that they lost to get an advantage over their opponent. This is a common practice in MMA and BJJ.

2. Heavy Duty ARD Sweatsuit

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Heavy Duty ARD Sweatsuit

The Heavy-duty ARD Sweatsuit is a very high-quality Sweatsuit and has been designed to provide maximum performance and durability. The elastic cuffs and rubberized inner lining maximize heat retention providing optimum results.

The PVC and nylon coated fabric make it very durable. It is anti rip off and tear-resistant. You can use it for gym training and weight loss to get faster results. It is available in a variety of sizes starting from x-small all the way up to 8x-large.

3. Kutting Weight Sauna Suit

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Kutting Weight Sauna Suit

The Kutting Weight Sauna suit can help you lose weight effectively. Research shows that you will have a 40.4 % increase in post-exercise weight loss and a 20.8% increase in metabolic results when working out with a Kutting Weight Sauna Suit.

Using this suit will help you increase flexibility, increase metabolism, detoxify the immune system, lose weight faster, burn more calories and increase mental and physical toughness.

The flexible elastic Sweat Tech Neoprene fabric gives a comfortable fit and is fashionable as well. It has been made more durable with triple-reinforced stitching. The skin-fit design will not come in the way of you doing any kind of exercise. Mesh material has been added down the arms and sides for added flexibility, comfort and breathability. You can wear this stylish suit under your other training gear or as outerwear.

4. RAD Heavy Duty Sauna Sweatsuit

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RAD Heavy Duty Sauna Sweatsuit

The RAD Heavy Duty Sauna Sweatsuit is designed as a unisex workout suit with a sleek design and a color pattern. The sturdy EVA nylon construction will ensure that it will not tear easily. You can clean the suit easily since it is machine washable. Both top and bottom are included. The outside and inside can be wiped down in between washes.

The seams have been double stitched for increased durability. It is hardy enough to hold up in a boxing session.  The sauna effect is enhanced with the use of elastic gatherings at the openings. You can increase your sweat output up to 605 with the help of this sauna suit.

It does have a few disadvantages, however. The pants do not have elastic on the ankles. The sizes can be misleading. You should get one to two sizes larger than your standard size. You should determine your size by using the standard fitting chart. It is advisable that you do not dry the suit in the dryer. Dry it in the shade and turn the suit inside out to get both sides dried off.

5. 4Fit Heavy-duty Sweatsuit

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4Fit Heavy-duty Sweatsuit

The 4fit Heavy-duty Sweatsuit has been designed to provide maximum performance and durability. The nylon fabric has been coated with PVC making it tear-resistant and anti rip off. The price is low as compared to other sauna suits on the list and is high-quality making it a great value for money purchase. It is great for weight loss and gym training since you can get your desired results much faster. The rubberized inner lining and elasticized cuffs provide optimum sauna action.

This sauna suit is not just for athletes but can be worn around the house while doing chores. It will help keep your muscles warm and relieve minor aches and pain. The main benefit is the healthy cleansing process of sweating out toxins from the body.

The fabric is made of 3mm extreme Flex DS Neoprene that can maintain a comfortable level of warmth. The front zip has been included so it is easy to take on and off. The close fit design and anatomical cut ensure that the suit will not inhibit your training in any way. Reinforced mesh has been sewn into the crotch and arm areas for more breathability.

The body-forming fit means you may need a smaller or larger size depending on your build. The suit does have a few disadvantages though. It is hand-washable only. Many other sauna suits in the market are machine washable. The absence of cuffs at the arms and legs creates a tendency for sweat to pour out of the suit after a while. The unisex design means women may encounter problems with the fit of the crotch area.

6. SISYAMA Sauna Sweatsuit

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SISYAMA Sauna Sweatsuit

The Sisyama sauna suit comes in both a natural fit and a slim fit. You can choose according to your body type to get a better fit. The neoprene material ensures a snug fit. Breathable mesh has been added to the groin area and under the arms to provide ventilation where it is most needed. The stretchy material and superb craftsmanship make this a very high-quality sauna suit.

The downside is that it cannot be washed or dried in a machine. The fit for the legs can be a little tight and you might need to get a larger size. As a rule of thumb, you should get one size up if you are over 5’10” and one size down if you are under 5’4”. Sizes start from small to double extra-large. You should refer to the size chart to make a more informed choice. It has a strong chemical smell initially which can put some people off. The clip-on top of the zipper is a little inconvenient. The crotch area can feel a little uncomfortable for shorter people.

This sweatsuit is available in pink and blue color. The pink suit is designed for women with complete mid-section shaping and slimming. The blue suit in slim-fit can be used by both men and women.

7. 2Fit® Heavy-duty Sweatsuit

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2Fit® Heavy-duty Sweatsuit

This sauna suit from 2fit is a heavy-duty Sweatsuit with nylon and PVC coated fabric. The durable and high-quality suit is excellent for gym training and weight loss because it can burn calories even faster.

The suit has a rubberized inner lining that minimizes heat loss. The material is tear-resistant and anti-rip. The cuffs have been elasticized to ensure that no sweat is lost and minimum heat escapes. The added hood and anatomical design make the suit look stylish so it can be worn even when not working out. It is machine washable and can be cleaned with a cloth between uses. However, It should not be dried in the dryer.

The suit tends to be narrower and shorter when compared to other sauna suits so you should get a bigger size. Another downside is that there is no mesh in the groin and armpit area for breathability.

8. FeelinGirl Neoprene Sauna Suit

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FeelinGirl Neoprene Sauna Suit

The FeelinGirl Neoprene Sauna Suit has a stylish design with a tank top vest which will be appealing to all fashionable girls out there. The fabric is made with a very high-quality neoprene material for more durability. The suit is quite modish. It comes with an adjustable waist trimmer belt to boost the body’s thermal activity and work towards a smaller waist. So this suit is a 3-in-1 sauna suit with a waist trainer, waist trimmer, and sports bra. The design hastens body toning and enhances weight loss. The waist trimmer has a strong velcro strap so you have control over how tight you want to keep it.

The 2-mm single-layer neoprene fabric makes the suit lightweight, durable and flexible allowing you to move around easily during workouts. The suit has been engineered for a better fit for any body shape and size. It acts as a great detoxifying gear by giving firm control and high compression of the body making you sweat a lot. An interior pocket has been added which is convenient for storing keys, money, mp3 player or earphones. A zipper has been added in the bust area so it can be easily taken on and off.

The rubbery smell from the neoprene material might feel unpleasant. You should wear it over a t-shirt if you are allergic to rubber.  The suit comes in 9 sizes so it is recommended that you choose your size after referring to the size chart. You can pick from 6 different colors — black, blue, pink, purple, dark and green.

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