Best Teardrop Boxing Punching Bag

These are the best teardrop punching bags ideally suited for the Muay Thai clinch.

Punching bags come in a variety of shapes, weights, and sizes for different disciplines and aspects of combat training. Unlike the traditional heavy bag which focuses on developing power, the teardrop punching bag is used to develop timing, speed, and accuracy, The teardrop shape makes it ideal for training in tactics and close strikes. It is also ideal for working on the Muay Thai Clinch, MMA style knees, low kicks, short hooks, uppercuts, and body shots.

The weight is just enough to provide resistance for increasing torso, shoulder and leg strength. It is also light enough to swing and move sufficiently to develop reflex, rhythm, and footwork.

It is also important to note that the teardrop heavy bag needs to be mounted at different levels depending on the type of training. The tear should hang near the solar plexus level for uppercut drills in case of boxing training. In the case of Muay Thai and MMA, the bottom of the tear should hang near the waist level and the top of the tear should be at eye level. This makes practicing the clinch possible.

The weights vary according to the brand with most of them being 60 pounds. They can be filled with either fabric, sand or water. The fabric filled ones can be softer. The water-filled ones can absorb impact and remain stable.

These are some of the best teardrop punching bags on the market across various categories and styles.

Teardrop Punching Bag

1. Fairtex Teardrop Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag

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Fairtex Teardrop Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag

The Fairtex Teardrop Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag has been specifically designed for Muay Thai stand-up practice but can be used for MMA training as well. The shell is made of premium quality leather built to last for a long time. The bag comes prefilled with a mix of shredded cloth and sand.

This bag has been handmade in Thailand. The unique teardrop shape can simulate an opponent which will help you practice kneeing, clinching, kicking and punching drills. It is heavy-duty and water-resistant. You need not worry about excessive sweat messing up your bag. The nylon web straps and non-tear lining make it even more durable.

2. Fairtex HB15 Heavy Bag

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Fairtex HB15 Heavy Bag

The HB15 Super Tear Drop Heavy Bag from Fairtex can be used by beginners as well as the most advanced at home and gyms.

The bag is perfect for all-round use. It has been designed to be used for all types of boxing and martial arts training. The synthetic leather makes it capable of withstanding heavy abuse.

The package includes nylon straps and heavy-duty hanging hooks for easy installation. The bag itself measures 93 x 50 cm in diameter. It can be filled up to 40kg of weight. It does not come pre-filled making it significantly cheaper. You can fill it with sand or cloth.

This bag has been handmade in Thailand with trademark water-resistant Syntek material with non-tear nylon woven material lamination.

The teardrop shape is meant to simulate an opponent but at the same time, the balanced weight ensures that the bag does not move too much during training. The key stress points have been reinforced with stitching and rivets to increase durability. It is only available in a black and yellow color combination.

3. Fairtex HB-10 Bowling Pin Heavy Bag

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Fairtex HB-10 Bowling Pin Heavy Bag

The Fairtex HB-10 Bowling Pin Heavy Bag can be used by fighters of all skill levels. You can move the straps to extend the training area and support correct knee practicing. The right installation can allow the user to use this bag for low kick and neck kick practicing as well. You can get full contact total body workout with this bag.

Some of the features of the HB-10 and HB-15 are similar. The HB-10, however, measures 122 x 50 cm making it longer than the HB-15. The larger surface area can be used to practice low kicks. The HB-15 has a pure teardrop shape while the HB-10 has a bowling pin shape so you can practice neck kicks as well.

The HB-10 bag is slightly lighter at 36kgs. You can practice hooks and uppercuts as well. Like the HB-15, this bag is made of water-resistant trademark Syntek synthetic leather. This bag is available in a black and white color combination. You can choose between HB-10 and HB-15 according to your fighting style.

4. UFC Pro Teardrop

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UFC Pro Teardrop

The UFC Pro Teardrop 60 pounds heavy bag has a thick vinyl construction that is resistant to wear and tear from heavy training and continued strikes. The bag comes prefilled with a precise mix of fibers for maximum shock absorption from kicks and knee strikes. Heavy-duty galvanized chains for hanging and stitched rivets increase the durability of the product.

This bag is an officially licensed UFC product measuring 17.5W x 17.5D x 35.5H in. It is available in black color and comes with a 90-day manufacturer warranty.

5. Revgear Tear Drop Heavy Bag

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Revgear Tear Drop Heavy Bag

Revgear is the California fight sports brand and its products have a good reputation for quality.

Their teardrop punching bag is ideal for martial art practice like overhand punches, clinch work, knees and more. The shell is made from ultra heavy-duty synthetic leather that you can count on to last for the long haul. It weighs 60 lbs. Reinforced nylon straps and rugged D-rings have been included with the bag to ensure stable, reliable hanging.

This bag comes pre-filled. The multi-fiber filling ensures maximum shock absorption. The widest part of the bag measures 14” x 35” circumference. It is available in a black and red color combo. The Revgear teardrop heavy bag is cheaper than the Fairtex models so you can go for this if you are on a tight budget without sacrificing quality too much.

6. Ringside Body Snatcher Powerhide Punching Bag

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Ringside Body Snatcher Powerhide Punching Bag

The Ringside Body Snatcher Powerhide Punching Bag encourages proper form and delivery for powerful body punches because of its teardrop shape. The durable powerhide leather construction can hold up to the most intense training sessions.

It measures 22 x 24 inches and is soft, filled up to 80 pounds. The chain and swivel have been included for easy hanging.

This bag can be used by both professionals and amateurs for Muay Thai, MMA, and other contact sports training. You can also use the bag for an aerobic workout to build strength and tone your muscles.

Some bags have a filling that gets hardened at the bottom over time. It is not the case with this bag and you will find that it has retained its softness even after many months of usage. The soft filling ensures that you will not hurt your hands but wearing hand wraps at the least would still be recommended when practicing punches. You could fill the center of the bag with sand just to make it a little heavier without sacrificing the softness.

7. Aqua Training Bag

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Aqua Training Bag

This heavy bag measures 21 inches making it the largest teardrop Aqua Training Bag. The bag weighs 190 pounds so it might not be too feasible for most homes but can be perfect for commercial use. The teardrop shape can help you practice powerful strike combinations including deep uppercuts.

The bag is made to withstand the heaviest hitters. The commercial-grade vinyl construction will last a long time without showing much wear and tear on the joints. The huge surface area means that the bag can be used for group boxing classes.

The swing is much lesser than that of a traditional bag, so you need not worry about the bag hitting other members if you are working in a group class. The bag ships unfilled, which makes sense because 190 pounds would lead to very high shipping costs. Another advantage of the bag is that it is much safer on knuckles and joints.

8. Title Wave H2O Rotund Heavy Bag

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Title Wave H2O Rotund Heavy Bag

The Title Wave H20 Rotund Heavy Bag offers an incredibly realistic training experience. The Marine grade PVC vinyl rubber construction is super durable. The bag is built to last for years in professional gym use.

The unique design alleviates stress on the elbows, shoulders, joints, and wrists so you can throw harder punches for a longer duration.

The water filling reduces swinging and movement during workouts. The teardrop shape is ideal for straight shots, power shots, jabs, hooks, overhand shots, uppercuts, angled punches, kicks, knee strikes and more.

Setting up this bag is pretty easy. It comes unfilled but filling it with water takes minutes. Included with the bag are a few items to mount the bag like steel hanging chains and steel spring hook. A fill tube with standard hose attachment along with a screwdriver to remove and secure fill cap has been added so filling the bag with water is a convenient process.

9. Ring to Cage Tear Drop Heavy Bag

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Ring to Cage Tear Drop Heavy Bag

The Tear Drop Heavy Bag from Ring to Cage comes unfilled. The shell is made of very high-quality durable polyester coated vinyl which is almost as good as genuine leather. The reinforced lining increases its durability.

The bag measures 14 x 35 inches and can be filled up to 70 pounds. The teardrop shape provides a lower center of gravity. This makes it easier to practice clinches and knee strikes. A chain and swivel are included for easy installation.

10. Combat Sports Tear Drop Bag

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Combat Sports Tear Drop Bag

The Combat Sports Teardrop Bag is perfect for MMA fighters to train their clinch because of the bag’s lower center of gravity. The top quality leather construction and nylon strap make it very durable.

The bag comes pre-filled weighing 60 pounds and measures 14 x 35 inches. Its compact size makes it perfect for smaller spaces or lower ceiling. Fighters can use the bag to develop speed, timing, and accuracy because of the teardrop shape. It is ideal for practicing body shots, uppercuts, low kicks, and knee strikes.

You may consider 60 pounds to be too light but this bag somehow feels much heavier than it actually is. The shape prevents the filling from settling too much at the bottom helping the bag maintain a slight all around softness.

11. Title Boxing Wave H2O Cylindrical Heavy Bag

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Title Boxing Wave H2O Cylindrical Heavy Bag

The Wave H2O Cylindrical Heavy Bag from Title Boxing is constructed of marine-grade PVC vinyl rubber making it highly durable. The bag can be filled with water so it remains more stable while training. There is a significant reduction in swinging and excess movement when the bag is filled with water.

The teardrop shape of the bag is good for practicing straight shots, jabs, power shots, uppercuts, hooks, overhand shots, kicks, knee strikes and more. The bag can be filled in a matter of minutes.

The Wave H2O Cylindrical Heavy Bag comes with few mounting accessories like a steel spring hook, a steel hanging chain, and a screwdriver. Also included is a fill tube with a standard hose attachment for easy filling.

The good thing about using an H2O bag is that they can absorb a lot more impact because of their hydraulic qualities.

12. Title Boxing Teardrop Heavy Bag

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Title Boxing Teardrop Heavy Bag

The Title Boxing Teardrop Heavy Bag is capable of giving you intense training and allows full assault because the chances of it tearing is very less.  This is due to the triple-reinforced synthetic leather construction.

The bag has been professionally packed with shredded poly-fiber material which can absorb shocks easily. You can enjoy the ideal balance and performance because of the center-aligned weight. The bag measures 16 x 42 inches and weighs 60lbs.

The Title Boxing Tear Drop Heavy Bag is ideal for all punches, knees, kicks, lunges and much more. The durability of the bag has been enhanced with the addition of three extra-wide seat belt nylon attachment straps. This is the bag you should consider if you need an advanced training bag with a unique response.

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