Best Wall Mounted & Tear Drop Uppercut Punching Bags

The uppercut is one of the most valuable moves in boxing because it allows you to target sensitive areas like the chin and solar plexus. However, the uppercut is also an extremely neglected move because it’s hard to train. Traditional heavy bags and punching bags aren’t suitable to train your uppercuts because the vertical impact is hard to land.

There are various different types of uppercut bags out there — wall-mounted uppercut bags, body snatchers, tear-drop, water-filled uppercut bags, and so many more. With so many options, finding the right one can be a challenge. In this article, we will give you an overview of the best uppercut bags on the market so you can make an informed decision.

Best Boxing Uppercut Punching Bag

1. Combat Sports Double-End Heavy Bag

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Combat Sports Double-End Heavy Bag

This bag has double-ended attachments and is a free-swinging bag with reinforced nylon straps. It has a synthetic leather construction and weighs 45 pounds. The smooth material makes it easy for gloves or bare-handed use if done in a controlled manner to avoid injury.

This bag’s movements make it easy to practice one’s footwork while practicing one’s combinations. That makes the bag really good to train for speed, even though not as much for power because of its lighter weight. It also makes for a great cardio workout. The bag also comes with a hook attachment at the bottom. Therefore, it can be attached to the floor, and it can be used to work defense and counter-striking because of the rebound motion created as a result.

This bag can reinvigorate your training sessions. It’s light enough to have quite a bit of movement when punched, but that’s the thrill of it all. Much like a normal double-end bag, the momentum built by the bag is a part of the training. This is heavy enough to require a real punch to keep going but moves enough to constantly be coming in and out while changing directions.

A cross/hook combo will send the bag out and coming back in perfectly for a “counter” hook or uppercut. It helps eliminate the monotony of just pounding away on a heavy bag, keeps you moving, changing directions, changing levels, and distance. This really gives a great workout with a lot of enjoyable movement and different striking options. Head and body shots both require aim in order to hit the top or bottom sections, not just blasting away at the upper or lower halves of a large heavy bag.

It’s great for straight punches but really excels at hooks, uppercuts, and 45’s. The bag is quite soft but not squishy — just a good, solid, comfortable impact. This is an amazing heavy bag for some hard practices but not if you’re a beginner and not comfortable with changing direction and movement while striking.

2. Ringside Uppercut Bag

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Ringside Uppercut Bag

This bag is heavy and great with practicing uppercut and front kicks. It’s horizontal and not considered a ‘free-swinging’ bag. There’s a foam layer of 1” to protect the hands while practicing.

This bag comes with s-hooks, heavy bag chain, and a swivel. It also has a durable powerhide exterior. This bag ticks all the boxes because it’s durable, portable, and has different setup options. The swivel attachment allows the bag to spin and therefore makes up for not being free-swinging. However, it should be treated as a wall-mount bag. And it should be used to practice cutting angles, side-stepping, and moving in and out of range.

Since this bag is like most traditional heavy bags, the fillings need to be redistributed every once in a while as the interior can get a little lopsided. It weighs around 55 pounds if bought filled. This product does not disappoint at all and always keeps training interesting.

3. Windy Wall Mount Uppercut Bag

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Windy Wall Mount Uppercut Bag

Windy Wall Mount Uppercut Bag is made of genuine leather and has dense foam protection. The wall mount brackets are included since this bag is a wall mount bag. Installation is easy and proves very useful in small places too. This provides multiple angles to train uppercuts, hooks and straight punches accurately.

Windy provides one of the best uppercut bags in the class. Wall-mounted bags have specific unique benefits. It’s great for specialty targets, has foam for noise reduction and accident protection, and is space-efficient. This bag fulfills all of those characteristics beautifully. The foam also makes the bag good for punching with or without gloves and makes it capable of withstanding a lot of action. The leather exterior is high quality, extremely durable, and tear-resistant as well. The stitching is excellent as well. Its dimensions are 24x24x24 inches and weigh 32.9 pounds while being shipped.

4. Ringside Head Shot Powerhide Bag

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Ringside Head Shot Powerhide Bag

Ringside Head Shot Powerhide Bag is round with a tough powerhide material, weighing 50 to 55 pounds. The round shape makes it perfect for uppercuts, hooks, and straight punches, for any contact sport like boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, etc. The size and weight are also perfect for practicing head punches.

A chain and swivel are included with this bag. The swivel makes it good for practicing bobbing, weaving and ducking under to deliver more punches. This bag is free-swinging and can endure quite a beating. It can be hung at any height as required. Mounting it high will make the bag a giant maize ball and hanging it low, the rhythm will change. Hanging it short is useful for those with a space constraint. It’s a soft-filled bag. Therefore, it needs a little more maintenance.

The filling will not settle at the bottom like other traditional vertical heavy bags. However, punching it continuously for a long period of time will beat the stuffing inwards, which will make it slightly loose and semi-unfilled near the corners and edges. This can easily be solved by rolling the bag around after laying it out on a mat or puzzle foam interlock. Doing this from time to time will make the bag last a really long time.

5. Contender Body Snatcher

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Contender Body Snatcher

Contender Body Snatcher is made of synthetic leather material, is well built, and durable. The filling is soft impact absorbing. It weighs about 75 pounds and is wonderful for uppercuts, hooks, and even jabs and crosses. Another great feature of this bag is that it can be attached to different heights. It comes with a chain and swivel. The filling can be quite tough at first and requires a breaking-in period. The adjustable height factor makes it ideal for practicing uppercuts on the lower body. The filling needs to be redistributed from time to time by rolling the bag around the floor.

6. Ring to Cage Wall-Mount Uppercut Bag

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Ring to Cage Wall-Mount Uppercut Bag

This bag is highly rated on the market and is made of 100% leather. It comes with wall mount brackets and it has extremely dense foam padding, thus providing good shock absorption. The edges are rounded so it doesn’t feel rough while throwing kicks. It’s also great for uppercuts. It provides multiple angles to practice.

Mounting hardware like bolts are also included and it’s easy to install and attach it to the wall. The genuine leather makes it much more durable than synthetic leather, but it’s slightly more expensive as well. The material makes it easy to hold up under extensive usage and difficult to rip.

This bag’s shape allows the incorporation of jabs and hooks in various combinations. The three different targets placed on the back make it a good bag for beginners who need help aiming their shots. The padding allows one to even use this bare hands, but gloves and wraps are always advised. All things considered, this is a good and sturdy uppercut bag for a wall mount.

7. Revgear Uppercut Bag

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Revgear Uppercut Bag

If ever a bag were sturdy, it would be this uppercut bag. It features triple-stitched seams and reinforced nylon straps. It’s made of vinyl-coated nylon material and is highly durable. It weighs about fifty pounds and measures 14” x 36”. The bag is affordable and durable and comes with a horizontal design. It doesn’t sacrifice quality for the price and therefore the vinyl coating makes it as durable as leather in other cases. Even hard hitters can make this bag last long periods of usage because of the reinforced stitches. It’s ideal for home gyms as it’s not too expensive and can sustain regular abuse. It doesn’t come with a chain.

8. RDX Punch Bag

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RDX Punch Bag

RDX Punch Bag is a part of any quality boxing training and it weighs 30kgs. It’s constructed from RDX maya hide leather, renowned for its durability. The inner material features a 2” polyethylene foam jacket along with a shredded filling. It can be tethered to the floor with a loop which helps minimize swing reduction. The bag comes with RDX boxing gel gloves and a swivel chain. It’s a great bargain because of all that you get with the uppercut bag. It offers a full set up and is of pretty good quality. For angled hooks and uppercuts, this uppercut bag can count itself amongst one of the best.

9. Maxx Punchbags

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Maxx Punchbags

Maxx isn’t a big brand but it does come up with a few quality products. They’re affordable and perfect for those who are on a tight budget. Mostly made of leather, these uppercut bags are great for low and high kicking, punching, and strength building. They come filled, which makes them easy to set up and you get what you see. The Maxx uppercut punchbag is 4 feet in height, making it quite large for an uppercut training punch bag. It can thus be used to practice kicks as well by MMA enthusiasts. Overall, when an item is easy on the pockets and serves more than a single practice purpose, it’s worth the buy.

10. RDX Uppercut Maize Punch Bag

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RDX Uppercut Maize Punch Bag

An RDX product, this uppercut bag is called the RDX Heavy Boxing Uppercut/Maize Punch bag. It’s great value for money and there is no compromise in quality. Like many other RDX products, this one too comes with a pair of RDX boxing gel gloves. Another great feature of this product is its durability.

It’s handmade with a leather exterior and it has been double-stitched entirely. This makes it very good to be used roughly without the fear of it tearing or going bad. The inside is a textile-filling and has been improved for better shock absorption. The filling makes it easy for the bag to return to its original shape fast and it lasts for use over an extended period of time.

In terms of size, it measures 52 cm in height and 38 cm around, making it small or moderate in size. But just like all other RDX products, it comes with heavy-gauge D rings and, of course, the swivel chain.

It’s a very well-made punch bag and is ideal for uppercut training. It’s an exciting buy for those with limited space as well. You can condition your body torque movements along with your angled shots, hooks, and uppercuts. It has a dense shock absorbing 2” polyethylene foam jacket and is filled with a mixture of shredded fiber. There is a heavy-duty zip-enclosed top that ensures maximum fill potential and can be used outside as well.

There’s also a tethered loop facility at the base of the punch bag, ensuring swing reduction. Therefore, it compromises neither in quality nor in price. All things considered, RDX Heavy Boxing Uppercut/Maize Punch Bag is easy on the pockets, lasts long, and it’s, therefore, a completely ideal product.

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