These are the best wrestling headgear to proctect you in training.

Wrestling headgear is an absolute necessity for protection when you’re engaged in such a hard-hitting combat sport. If you don’t consider your comfort and safety, you may sustain an injury that gets you off the mat. In the worst case scenarios, it can also lead to head trauma.

You can sustain a lot of different forms of injuries from wrestling. If your ears are slammed to the mat, your blood vessels may burst, which can lead to swelling, sensitivity, and blood pooling. In fact, there’s a specific name called “wrestler’s ear” attributed to the cauliflower-like appearance your ear takes up once the blood vessels are damaged. This can also affect your aesthetic appearance and confidence. Wrestler’s ear, just like so many other injuries sustained in the head, doesn’t heal. The scar tissue is permanent and you have to carry it forever.

Besides that, you also need wrestling headgear to protect you from various other types of injuries. You may think a wrestling headgear is like a motorbike helmet, but that’s not true at all. A wrestling headgear only focuses on cushioning and padding the sensitive parts of your head such as your ears, your chin, etc. This protects your head without restricting movement.

If you want to maintain your health and prevent yourself from getting wrestler’s ears, you should get a wrestling headgear immediately. There are a lot of different types of headgear available out there, but not all of them provide the same level of support. You need to find a wrestling headgear that provides protection without restricting your range of motion and mobility.

In this article, we give you an overview of some of the best wrestling headgear on the market.

Best Wrestling Headgear

1. Cliff Keen Fusion Wrestling Headgear

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Cliff Keen Fusion Wrestling Headgear

Cliff Keen Fusion is one of the best wrestling headgear out there because it has all of the features you could possibly need from a headgear and then some! This wrestling headgear comes with a three-strap design that’s extremely comfortable and also ensures perfect breathability so you don’t feel suffocated.

Wrestling headgear tend to look pretty ugly, but Cliff Keen Fusion is actually quite sleek and attractive. It has a closed-cell foam design that combines with slim ear cups to make it look fairly attractive, at least relative to other wrestling headgear. The inner shell of the headgear is extremely light and it also ensures heightened comfort to protect your ears from impact and shock.

In addition to being extremely slim, the ear cups are roomy and they can be worn comfortably. While they provide complete safety and protection, they don’t do so through bulk. That makes Cliff Keen Fusion the perfect combination of safety, comfort, and aesthetics. Basically, Cliff Keen Fusion uses its trusted foam technology and uses it to stunning effects.

One of the key reasons people avoid wearing headgear is because they can be distracting on the mat. In some cases, the mat may not be tight enough so they shake on your head and distract you. Some wrestling headgear are too uncomfortable or the straps pinch you, which can also be distracting. That’s why adjustability is so very important. If your headgear isn’t easy to adjust, you’re likely to spend too much time and energy trying to make it fit correctly.

Thankfully, Cliff Keen Fusion is highly adjustable. You just have to pull the straps on the headgear to customize the fitting immediately. This On-the-Fly system ensures that you can even adjust your headgear on the mat during a session and it won’t considerably distract you or set you back. This wrestling headgear also has a soft outer shell so it won’t hurt your partner either when they’re grappling.

In terms of cost, this wrestling headgear is fairly reasonable. The only issue is that it may slightly inhibit your hearing, but that’s a common issue with most wrestling headgear. All things considered, this is one of the best wrestling headgear out there because it’s comfortable, well-padded, highly adjustable, and affordable. It’s also available in 17 different color combinations so you have plenty to choose from!

2. Matman Hair Cap Wrestling Headgear

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Matman Hair Cap Wrestling Headgear

Wrestling headgear are generally focused on the ears and not the hair. That’s because most people don’t care to protect their hair and the ears are the most delicate parts of your head’s anatomy. However, for some people, the hair can be a source of great discomfort, danger, or even weakness.

Female wrestlers and with long hair often have to be extremely careful of their hair because it can get caught up during fights. Your hair can either get stuck, get uprooted, or it can be used by an adversary against you. Matman Hair Cap is the perfect wrestling headgear for those who have such concerns. This headgear essentially covers up your hair, sort of like a swimming cap, and it also covers your temples and ears. As such, it provides a lot more protection than a traditional wrestling headgear.

This wrestling headgear is made of lycra material and it’s equipped with a gripper elastic that ensures it fits snugly and comfortably over your head. While this headgear does come with ear protection as well, it’s not as well padded and strong as in a traditional headgear. Some people prefer to wear this headgear over another ear guard. This is perhaps the biggest issue with this headgear — that it can’t provide completely ear protection on its own.

Matman Hair Cap can also be threaded through the chin strap of a headgear and it’s easy to adjust on both sides of the chin strap. It’s only available in a single size, but it’s fairly elastic so it can fit most people and you can adjust it using the chin straps. This headgear is also a lot more comfortable than most traditional headgear and it’s very affordable.

All things considered, Matman Hair Cap is the perfect headgear for women and for men with long hair. However, this headgear doesn’t provide enough protection for the ears and chin on its own so it has to be combined with another headgear, which makes it unsuitable on its own. It’s available in 7 colors — Black, Dark Grey, Navy, Navy Blue, Red, Royal, and Royal Blue.

3. Cliff Keen Tornado Wrestling Headgear

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Cliff Keen Tornado Wrestling Headgear

Cliff Keen Tornado is one of the best wrestling headgear on the market because of the presence of four fully-adjustable straps, great technology, breathability, and ultimate comfort and protection. This wrestling headgear also protects your ears perfectly without sacrificing your listening abilities, which is a strong bonus in its favor.

When you’re pinned down on the ground by your opponent, you may need to listen for guidance from your coach. With most wrestling headgear, your ability to listen is considerably impeded. However, Cliff Keen Tornado comes with an audible sound technology that ensures you can listen to your environment clearly even when you’re pinned to the ground and the ear cups are hard against your ears. In addition to being able to listen to your coach, this also allows you to listen to the crowd for that boost of adrenalin you sometimes need.

This wrestling headgear is more adjustable than most other wrestling headgear out there. It includes two straps at the back of your head, two on top, and a chin strap. You can adjust these straps to ensure that the headgear is perfectly positioned on your head at all times. It’s also extremely easy to adjust them because you simply have to pull at the straps to tighten them.

Cliff Keen Tornado is also extremely breathable and lightweight. It’s clearly the best headgear out there in terms of pure protection and comfort. However, the only reason it comes lower on this list is that it’s also very expensive — perhaps one of the most expensive headgear — so it’s only suitable for professionals and advanced wrestlers.

4. ASICS Conquest Wrestling Headgear

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ASICS Conquest Wrestling Headgear

ASICS Conquest is an extremely reliable wrestling headgear because it comes from a reliable company. ASICS is known for making some of the world’s best protective gear for combat sports and their wrestling headgear is no different. This wrestling headgear is made of an incredibly strong molded polypropylene shell and it features molded EVA ear pads that provide complete protection at all times.

This headgear has been designed such that it doesn’t retain any sweat or odors. No matter how much you sweat, this headgear will let the moisture simply slip away and it won’t develop an odor as is the case for so many headgear. This headgear is antimicrobial so you don’t have to worry about infections from long use either.

This wrestling headgear is also extremely lightweight at 8 ounces and it’s highly customizable. It also has a low profile so that it’s not distracting to you during a match. It’s available in a single size but it still fits just about everyone because of the adjustable straps. It’s currently available in five color combinations — Black/Black, Navy/Black, Red/Black, Royal/Black, and White/Black.

5. Ring to Cage 2.0 Wrestling Headgear

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Ring to Cage 2.0 Wrestling Headgear

Ring to Cage 2.0 is an extremely comfortable and advanced wrestling headgear. This headgear is made using EVA padding combined with soft spandex — these materials come together to offer one of the best shock absorption qualities possible.

The straps are made of velcro and they’re extremely easy to adjust. The straps are positioned in the chin, back of your head, and the forehead so you can adjust it as you deem fit. The only issue with Velcro straps is that they don’t last too long and may come loose soon, which will render your headgear ineffective.

Since the straps here are made of spandex, you don’t have to worry about then pinching your skin or any other kind of irritation. There are no abrasions either. The spandex straps don’t just provide comfort, but they’ve also got a moisture-wicking quality that prevents them from absorbing sweat. As such, while you’re fighting, you don’t have to worry about beads of sweat falling into your eyes and clouding your vision. This material is also very breathable so you can wear it for extended periods without sweating too much.

The EVA padding on this wrestling headgear is ideal for shock absorption as well. Furthermore, the padding doesn’t wear away with age. All things considered, Ring to Cage 2.0 is a comfortable and safe wrestling headgear. In terms of protection, it’s one of the best, but the velcro straps reduce the lifespan considerably. In terms of cost, it’s certainly not the most expensive wrestling headgear, but it’s still fairly expensive.

6. KO Sports Gear Wrestling Headgear

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KO Sports Gear Wrestling Headgear

This wrestling headgear by KO Sports Gear is one of the most affordable and simple headgear on the market. This headgear is perfect for wrestlers who don’t care for the advanced bells and whistles of most modern wrestling headgear and would rather prefer something simple and minimal. This headgear fulfills that need perfectly by keeping and stylish yet traditional design.

This wrestling headgear is made of neoprene. The material is extremely comfortable and also stretchable and you can easily adjust it according to the size and shape of your head. Modern wrestling headgear can often be bulky and heavy, but this headgear is extremely lightweight at 12 ounces. Neoprene isn’t just comfortable and stretchable, but it also has strong moisture-wicking capabilities that ensure that it will wick away your sweat and prevent it from getting into your eyes.

Even though this is a simple wrestling gear, it still has a few simple features to allow you to listen to the external environment. The material is breathable and there are strategically placed holes around the ears so you can listen to your coach during a match and prevent moisture from accumulating in your ears.

KO Sports Gear wrestling headgear is also one of the most reasonable headgear on the market so it’s suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. However, this headgear doesn’t appeal to everyone.

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