All the talk leading into ‘UFC On FOX’ was about how many people may be watching the promotion’s network debut in the U.S, but it turns out that the audience in Brazil will far eclipse anything FOX can muster.

According to Dana White at the post-fight press conference the initial estimate is that 60 million Brazilian’s tuned in to witness their countryman Junior Dos Santos KO Cain Velasquez in just 64 seconds to claim the heavyweight title.

“Wow, I’m famous!” Dos Santos exclaimed with a broad grin upon hearing the news, clearly savouring every moment of his victory.

Despite his new-found fame a still humble Dos Santos later stated that now he just wanted to return home to Brazil to have a big BBQ with his friends and family.

The remarkable viewing figures that White is touting come thanks to a new television deal with major station Globo that the UFC recently secured.

White is clearly excited about Brazil’s exploding growth, describing it as “the new Canada”, which is quite a comparison when you consider that the UFC president describes Canada as a mixed martial arts mecca.

Along with plans to return to Brazil in January and the promise of plenty more to come as they look to capitalize fully on the extraordinary growth there White is also energized about a new Ultimate Fighter: Brazil show which will air next year and he believes will uncover lots of new talented fighters.

He also anticipates that the show will continue to help the sport grow in the region and eels they’ve just scratched the surface of how popular MMA can become there.


  1. “The last episode of the telenovela ‘Passione’ which went to air on January 14th, reached high audience ratings with 52 points and 77% of the share. Author Silvio de Abreu (‘Pure Beauty’and ‘Belíssima’) created a drama with lots of emotion, love and suspense for viewers, who needed to wait until the last scenes to see the big mystery revealed. Throughout the whole broadcast of the telenovela in Brazil, the average audience for ‘Passione’ was 31.5 million viewers.”

    According to Brazilian websites the fight last night did 18 points with a 39% share. How in the heck can those numbers equal 60 million when it did a third of the points and half of the share that Brazil’s highest rated show did earlier in the year, which gained 31.5 million viewers? I mean, come on now.