Isn’t the whole calling out Michael Bisping thing getting a little old now? Apparently Alan Belcher doesn’t think so as he’s just joined the ever increasing list of fighters who have went on record as disliking the UK fighter and want to fight him.

Belcher, who is thankfully now recovering fully from a potentially career threatening detached retina, talked about the Brit during a new interview on

“Bisping is an a–hole who disrespects the sport and his opponent. A fight between me and Michael Bisping is something everybody wants except for Michael Bisping,” Belcher said.

“It would be amazing to sign that fight and have him come to my backyard. He always gets to fight in Britain and other places, but it’d be good to see him come down to Louisiana. I’d love for that to be my comeback fight.”

Bisping is used to these kind of comments by now, but he still couldn’t resist the opportunity to return fire at his latest detractor, albeit in a relatively light-hearted manner.

“Yeah really original,” Bisping tells FightersOnly. “I suppose he thinks he can get back in the mix by calling me out. But if he wants an easy fight he should sue his tattooist for that abomination on his arm. I know Belcher has vision problems right now but we still have to look at that mess.”

‘The Count’ is of course referring to a decidely dodgy picture of Johnny Cash which adorns his left arm, and he wasn’t quite finished poking fun at it…

“He’s got a lot of nerve calling me an a–hole when he walks round with that on him. Although lets be fair, the real a–hole is the tattooist who drew that.”

At one point in time a fight between Belcher and Bisping looked to be a strong possibility with both men looking to battle their way into title contention, but the fact that belcher has already been off injured for a year and won’t be back until September, while Bisping has compiled a three fight winning streak and is ready for another bout now suggests that this is unlikely to come to fruition.