Aleksander Emelianenko Blames Coaches For Fedor’s Losing Streak

Fedor’s brother Aleksander Emelianenko has always been the outspoken one in the family and after watching his sibling lose his third fight in a row on Saturday night, having not lost in the 10 years prior to that, he wasted no time in stating who he thinks is to blame.

Aleks is in a better position than most to assess the situation since he himself joined up with Fedor for his latest training camp, the first time the two, who’ve had a rocky relationship in the past, have done so for quite some time.

It appears that Emelianenko was less than impressed with what he’s saw and in an interview with he blasts the lack of effort shown by Fedor’s main coaches.

“They sat like two amoebas, and did not know what to say. They were asked direct questions and would say, “It is difficult to say… we will see in the fight,” – what kind of a coach says that? Only one who doesn’t understand the sport. I just call them ‘Stopwatch’ and ‘Towel’. That’s as much use as they are, that’s it,” Aleks stated angrily.

Now Aleks hopes that Fedor seizes the reigns, ditches his coaches and gets his career back on track.

“Fedor could train himself, he must take on it personally, to rethink many of the training points to learn and develop. Suffer and work! We’ll talk with Fedor – whether he wants to change something in his preparation. If he wants to, I will make the effort.”

It’s highly questionable whether Fedor will actually take heed of Aleks passionate words however. It’s been apparent for some time that the legendary fighters training methods are somewhat antiquated and stale, yet it’s Fedor himself who’s desire to stay close to his family and out of the limelight that has ultimately lead to this situation.

At the age of 34, and having frequently admitted that he sees fighting as purely a job to provide for his family, the motivation to really change things up and start a new reign of dominance just doesn’t seem to be there.


  1. I totally agree with Aleksander Emelianenko .
    Its time Fedor changes his routines.
    Love to see Fedor train with Randy Couture for wrestling & strength training.
    Mike Tyson as a Boxing Coach. Baukaw Por Pramuk as a Muay Thai Kickboxing coach, Rickson Gracie or Carlos Machado as his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach.
    I think Fedor would do well to train at Baukaws Por Pramuk Gym in Thailand & really sharpen his Thai Boxing Skills Knees Elbows & Clinch. Also add Front Push Kicks with his boxing skills. Fedor needs to improve on takedown defence and really work hard on his footwork.
    He must do a lot of roadwork with 50 pound weight vest get hist stamina and explosiveness really sharp.
    Fedor needs to be able to kick punch knee elbow sweep or take down opponent all in one luid motion strikes punching kicking tackedown attack the body and head at the same time attack different angles be extremely explosive on his takedowns & ground & pound work on his boxing skills with proffesinal boxing coaches Freddy Roach . Fedor really needs to work on his defensive & evasive boxing skils his counter striking kicking & punching his elbows & knees the clinch game.
    Maybe even train with Bas Rutten.
    Fedor wil always be the best but he has to change his training regime to win his title again. And yes he may have to leave Russia temporarily to sharpen his skills.


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