Alessio Sakara Believes He’ll Be Too Fast For Jorge Rivera At UFC 122

Earlier this week Jorge Rivera predicted that his fight with Alessio Sakara on the main card of UFC 122 will be the ‘Fight Of The Night’, and nothing his opponent says in his pre-fight interview will convince you otherwise.

“The fans always have suspense that at any minute there can be a knockout. So there is a lot of adrenaline in this fight because there are two strikers that are very tough,” the Italian tells

Both men do indeed the kind of explosive punching power that can end the others night in an instant, but Sakara feels he possesses one attribute that could make all the difference in an otherwise very close encounter.

“I think that seeing the fights and knowing my potential I am faster moving with my legs so I can give better hits. I have to put this to good use, my speed, my explosiveness.”

We’ll find out whether he’s right on November 13th when the two men step into the octagon together in Germany.


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