Alessio Sakara Explains How Tuna Forced Him Out Of UFC 122

In a new video blog Alessio Sakara talks about the real reason for his withdrawal from UFC 122 just an hour before he was set to fight in the octagon.

The Italian fighter denies journalist Gareth A. Davies claims that he withdrew due to a severe weight cut, and instead blames it on a bug he caught from something he ate in the days leading up to the bout.

“I went to the hospital where they did an analysis. They think I contracted something from tuna fish. This was the only thing I ate the week before when I left Miami and also the week in Germany. So they think it’s a sickness from that fish which led to a bad stomach virus. The toxin levels are still high and I am recovering now.”

Despite being less than 100% Sakara goes on to say that he, “hopes to fight as soon as possible.”

Check out more of what he had to say in his full video blog below.


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