With Jon Jones knee injury meaning that he won’t be ready to fight again until January, the man that he was originally supposed to fight next, No.1 contender Alexander Gustafsson, would himself be healthy in time to take the rematch at the turn of the year after his own injury problems.

“I just heard the news that Jones is injured and the fight is rescheduled to January 3????” Gustafsson wrote when news of Jones injury first broke. “Until then, I will be more than ready, it was MY fight to begin with and I WANT the fight as the number 1 contender. End of story!!”

However, the UFC have chosen to overlook that fact and are instead going to stick with having No.2 contender Daniel Cormier fight the champ at UFC 182 instead, and needless to say the Swedish sensation isn’t best pleased about it.

“Apparently @ufc thinks that acting like clowns on a press conference will hype a fight more than doing the fight of the century, thats ridiculous,” Gustafsson declared.

It’s funny how things work out. Up until a few weeks ago Jones Vs Gustafsson II was the fight everybody wanted to see, but when he pulled out people quickly warmed to the idea of Jones Vs Cormier and then the brawl between them took the buzz to a whole new level.

In a perfect world the UFC would give Gustafsson the fight in January that he deserves which would also give Cormier time to undergo knee surgery and get back to 100% with a guarantee that he would get a title shot upon his return.

That being said, it’s understandable from the UFC’s perspective that they’d want to strike while the iron is still hot with regards to Jones and Cormier’s fight as it’s got the potential to be a huge fight on pay-per-view.