The UFC have one final ace up their sleeve in 2011, with UFC 141 on December 30th set to feature a must-see heavyweight headliner featuring Alistair Overeem debuting against former champion Brock Lesnar, with the victor set to be installed as the new No.1 contender in the division.

In a new blog for Yahoo! Sports former Strikeforce heavyweight champion Overeem confirms that he will be training at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas for this fight, and has settled in well thanks to the presence of familiar faces like fellow K-1 fighter Ray Sefo who coaches at the facility.

Overeem goes on to talk about his first face-to-face meeting with fellow giant Lesnar at the UFC 141 pre-fight press conference earlier this month and he was clearly impressed with the former wrestler’s physique after his colon surgery, noting that “He was a big guy, like me, and it was interesting to see he hasn’t lost any weight at all.

The Dutch striker also commended Lesnar for his “fighting spirit” in twice battling back from the Diverticulitis illness that has plagued him in the last couple of years, but from the sounds of things Overeem won’t be feeling any sympathy for him in the Octagon, and makes it clear that he plans to keep the fight standing and exploit his weaknesses in the striking realm.

“I will knock this guy out. He is great at takedowns and controlling people on the ground, but he I can stop his takedowns and he is no match for me on the feet.

“I am going to rip Brock Lesnar apart, piece by piece.”