Alistair Overeem Beats Brock Lesnar In The First Round

Alistair Overeem ran over Brock Lesnar this evening to earn No.1 contender status in the UFC’s heavyweight division.

Surpisingly Lesnar didn’t opt to bullrush Overeem in the early stages of the fight aside from one brief takedown attempt that failed, and instead chose to stand and trade with the dangerous striker.

He looked nervous though, bouncing around a lot and throwing tentative kicks while Overeem was poised, ready and had a look of confidence that would prove to be well founded in the couple of minutes that followed.

The key to Overeem’s success was to be targeting the wrestler’s body.  At first he softened him up with some of his brutal knees during a series of brief clinches and from the first one that landed Lesnar appeared to be hurt, though he fought on.

The signs were ominous though and just moments later Overeem unleashed a leg kick straight to the liver that staggered Lesnar backwards and he sunk to the mat in obvious pain.

Overeem pounced with more punches to his grounded opponent and the referee jumped in to award him a TKO victory with 2.26mins on the clock.

In the end it was a relatively easy victory for Overeem with Lesnar’s striking weaknesses just giving the former K-1 kickboxing champion too many opportunities to exploit.

Afterwards Lesnar announced that he was officially retiring from the sport, leaving with a 5-3 career record, while Overeem will now progress to fight for the UFC title against current champion Junior Dos Santos.


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