It’s just been announced that Alistair Overeem will be competing in the semi-finals of the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament against Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva on September 10th, but it seems that the current Strikeforce, DREAM and K-1 heavyweight champion is already looking beyond the grand-prix to his next potential challenge in combat sports.

“Maybe the UFC or maybe boxing,” Overeem tells Polish site during a visit to the country for a series of seminars.

When asked he confirms that he would be willing to fight either of the Klitschko brothers who currently dominate the heavyweight landscape in the sport of boxing.

“Definitely. It matches my personality. I’m always looking for a challenge. That came about in fighting for K-1 (kickboxing) and I became the K-1 champion, something that nobody ever did before [at the same time as being an MMA champion] and it would be cool to go over to boxing and be the main guy there.”

It’s certainly an interesting option, though it may potentially be an over-ambitious one. Between them the Klitschko’s have fought 103 times in the ring are currently 24 fights unbeaten in the division they rule with an iron fist.

Both have the skills to ask major question’s of Overeem who has been known to have a suspect chin in the past, didn’t look particularly great in the stand-up realm against a mediocre striker in Fabrico Werdum last time out, and wouldn’t have access to some of his key weapons such as muay thai clinch work and knees in the boxing ring.

Having said that Overeem does have serious power in his hands and would match up better physically than a lot of the Klitschko’s opponents. The brothers tend to have an advantage over most people they face due to their imposing statures, with Vitali coming in at 6ft 7 1/2″ with an 80 inch reach while Vladimir is 6ft 6″ and has an 81″ reach.

That wouldn’t phase Overeem however as he comes in himself at a muscular 6ft 5″ and registers a reach of 81 1/2″.

Despite his claims I still think it’s more likely that we’ll see Overeem in the UFC, especially if he does manage to win the Strikeforce heavyweight GP, and if that is the case they will make sure that it’s an exclusive deal that rules out the opportunity for him to compete in other sports.

Watch more of Overeem’s interview below.


  1. Alister Overeem is a joke PERIOD.. He’s overated, maybe he should think about winning the UFC HW title which will never happen. Alister would get his head punched off of his neck by one of the Klitshko Brothers. He’s just trying to cash in. PERIOD. He’s a JOKE after watching his last fight.. Fight sucked!