Alistair Overeem Demolishes Brett Rogers To Retain Strikeforce Heavyweight Title

He’s known as ‘The Demolition Man’ and at tonight’s Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery event Alistair Overeem showed why as he bulldozed through Brett Rogers in less than a round.

Rogers had showed no fear in his previous fight with arguably the pound-for-pound best fighter on the planet, Fedor Emelianenko, but it was evident from the opening bell that he was more tentative against Overeem.

That caution proved well founded as Overeem piled on the pressure early and then mid-way through the round effortlessly threw his larger opponent to the canvas.

Rogers looked uncomfortable on his back and the champion did nothing to make him feel any more at home as he reigned down heavy blows until referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy was left with no choice but to intervene.

It was the perfect return to the U.S for Overeem,who showed that despite fighting some less-than-stellar MMA opponents during his two and a half years away from the promotion in Japan and Holland, that he still deserves to hold the title.

The emphatic win was also good news for Strikeforce as it sets the stage for an Overeem Vs Fedor fight later on in the year which has always been their ace in the hole, though first the Russian must successfully navigate past Fabricio Werdum in June.

As for Rogers this was a disappointing performance, and unlike his last defeat to Fedor, there won’t be many positives he can take away from this fight.


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