Alistair Overeem’s request to obtain a license to fight in the state of Nevada has been denied after a hearing today in Las Vegas.

As a result Overeem will now have to wait a further nine months before he can re-apply, essentially meaning that he wont’ be able to fight for the UFC again until that time.

The fighter appeared at the hearing today with his doctor Hector Molina who explained that Overeem had been given anti-inflammatory injections to help speed up the healing process of a recurring rib injury. Those injections contained testosterone which explains why his T/E ratio was well above acceptable rates when tested following a UFC press conference last month.

Overeem claimed he wasn’t aware that the injections contained testosterone, while his doctor muddied the waters by saying that he “might” have told the fighter what it contained.

It also emerged at the hearing that Overeem had sped away in a car after the UFC press conference without having taken his mandatory drug test and only returned when he was informed that if he did not he’d automatically be considered to have given a positive test.

After some deliberation the panel made it clear that Overeem should have checked whether what he was being injected with and decided to deny his fight license, though he can re-apply in nine months time which would be in late December.

At the weekend UFC president Dana White had made it clear that he had been anticipating this outcome, and in fact the decision had already been made to pull Overeem from his UFC 145 heavyweight title fight with current Junior Dos Santos, with Frank Mir now taking his place.