Alistair Overeem Says M-1 Global Employing Diversion Tactics

When M-1 Global suddenly announced last week that they wanted Fedor Emelianenko to fight Alistair Overeem before the end of the year, many people, including myself, wondered what the catch was.

It quickly emerged that there was more than one. M-1 Global were demanding the same olympic-style drug testing that had bogged down a potential superfight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr in boxing, and there was the fact that Overeem had just signed to compete in K-1’s upcoming grand-prix which could keep him out of Strikeforce until next year.

Since then an annoyed Overeem has not held back from letting people know what he thinks about the situation, with his latest comment coming from his twitter account yesterday.

“The real reason M-1/Fedor called me out is to distract attention of a possible match with Silva. He wants Fedor but M-1 don’t want Silva”

Earlier Overeem had sent a message sympathizing with Antonio ‘Big Foot’ Silva, who had been under the impression he was being lined up for a fight with either Fedor or Overeem.

“@Bigfoot Silva: Everybody is talkin about me and Fedor, it’s not fair to you. Fedor should fight you in December, then problem is solved.”

It definitely seems like M-1 Global are up to their old tricks here.  They have said all along that they want Fedor to rematch Fabricio Werdum next for the final fight on the Russian’s current contract , and it’s certainly coming off as though they are now trying to manipulate the situation.

I should also say that Overeem’s not completely beyond reproach here either though.  He came back to Strikeforce claiming that he was going to be fighting several times for them this year, but as soon as Fedor was beaten he’s turned around and headed back to Japan.


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