UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos and Alistair Overeem want to fight each other at the end of year show on December 29th, but there’s one catch – Overeem is currently suspended and can’t apply for a license to fight until two days prior to that date.

It’s possible that Overeem could still get the license in that short time-frame, but it would be a big risk on the UFC’s part to give a blockbuster fight like this the green-light while it remains unclear whether one of the fighters would actually be able to compete.

With that in mind Overeem has revealed that there is currently work going on behind the scenes in an attempt to ensure that he gets his license ahead of schedule.

“A very important factor is my license,” Overeem told Spike TV’s MMA Unleashed Live show this week. “I’m not licensed yet to fight, so of course the UFC cannot promote anything. I gotta get my license first. I’m able to reapply for my license in December a couple days before the fight. But we have a strategy. We’re going to go in front of the commission sooner with the argument of good behavior. We have been doing random tests on our own. They were all witnessed by an independent doctor. In the hope of getting a license sooner.”

It’s an unusual situation, but Overeem appears to be confident that he can convince the Nevada State Athletic Commission to give the proposal the go ahead.

“I think we will get it sooner. Maybe a conditional license that I have to appear and do some random tests. We have a set date this month [to appear before the commission]. Nothing [is] confirmed, we’re gonna try and get it. Hopefully we will.”

Interesting stuff and it makes you wonder how much of a say the UFC is having in all this.

At this stage we don’t yet know whether they are willing to entertain the idea of JDS fighting Overeem next or if they’ll go ahead with the original plan to pit him against Cain Velasquez in a rematch instead, but if they are pulling the strings behind the scenes with regards to this licensing issue then it suggests that this is the fight they want to make.

Whether they do or don’t the final decision lies with NSAC though and it’s fair to say they are not exactly in the UFC’s pocket when you consider that they’ve fought hard against Nick Diaz’s recent attempt to have his suspension dismissed, so we’ll have to wait and see how this all pans out in the coming weeks.