The ongoing story over who will headline May 26th’s UFC 146 show opposite heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos took another twist today when it emerged that Alistair Overeem has filed for a license to fight in las Vegas.

That’s surprising since Overeem, who was originally scheduled to fight JDS for the title, recently failed a pre-fight drugs test after posting a 14:1 T/E ratio, well above the 6:1 limit.

Interestingly, Overeem did not have a license to fight in Las Vegas when this test was taken as the conditional license that he was given prior to his fight with Brock Lesnar late last year expired at the end of January. As a result he’s not subject to any punishment for having tested positive, though he will now have to explain himself before the Nevada State Athletic Commission at a hearing on April 24th.

So, there’s a feeling now that perhaps there’s some sort of legal loophole or potential excuse that he could have up his sleeve that would still allow him to fight on the UFC 146 card.

It’ll have to be a cast-iron case though as NSAC will no doubt be gunning for Overeem, particularly since he’s already been under suspicion by them after ducking out of a pre-fight drugs test in Las Vegas last year prior to his fight with Lesnar.


  1. I don’t think this is the first time he was in trouble for steroids. I mean, if he is guilty of using steroids then I would prefer not to see him fight. Its just bad for the sport in the long run.

  2. This would be the first time he’s actually been caught for using steroids, the only other time it’s been an issue was in December when he skipped a drugs test.

    The talk at the moment is that Overeem is going to use the same ‘Testosterone Replacement Therapy’ excuse that the likes of Chael Sonnen, Nate Marquardt and Dan henderson already use.

    It certainly brings up a moral dilemma and it’ll be interesting to see what the likes of Dos Santos will have to say about it if Overeem does get the go ahead to compete.

    In the longer term the commissions are going to have to re-examine this whole issue or lots of fighters are going to start coming out of the woodwork claiming that they need TRT.