We’ve been left on tenterhooks for a few days but finally we have confirmation – Alistair Overeem will fight Todd Duffee at Dynamite!! 2010 on New Years Eve.

The news was officially confirmed today at a press conference featuring both fighters.

Overeem, who recently lifted the K-1 World GP 2010 trophy is understandably on a high and wants to add another title to his CV at the event with a win over Duffee, though so far it’s not been decided whether the fight will be for the DREAM heavyweight title or not.

“I will wait and see what DREAM decides. I think Todd is ready to put on a hard fight, and he has a great record so far, so a title fight is possible. I do know once I have the belt I will defend it. Anyone is welcome to come here and challenge me, and I will fight absolutely anyone to defend it,” a confident Overeem stated.

A decision on whether it will be for the title or not is set to be announced tomorrow.

Whether it’s for the belt or not this is undoubtedly the biggest fight of 25 year-old Duffee’s career so far, but it appears the former UFC prospect is not daunted by the challenge that lies ahead.

“I’d like to clarify one thing. I asked my manager for this fight. I had heard that (DREAM) were having trouble finding an opponent, and that many people had turned down the fight,” Duffee said at the press conference. “Every fight is a risk. It was a chance to fight a great opponent and to fight in Japan. I’m not here to have a padded record or anything; I just want to see what I can do. This was a good chance to do that against a great name.”

There’s a definite feeling amongst fans that Duffee may have taken a step to far here after just seven professional fights, but anything can happen in mixed martial arts, particularly when two hard-hitting heavyweights enter the ring, and there’s no doubt this is now a must-see fight for MMA fans.