Alistair Overeem Wants To Focus On Strikeforce This Year

In a recent interview with Croatian site Sport Index, Alistair Overeem appears committed to making his long awaited to return to Strikeforce, whom he hasn’t fought for since winning the heavyweight title in 2007.

(Translation): “This year I’m focusing on Strikeforce, and my priority is the Fedor fight. First that, then everything else,” the 29 year old said.

Other than Fedor Emelianenko, Overeem has other targets in mind in Strikeforce, such as Brett Rogers“I will fight him soon,” Fabricio Werdum“I definitely want to kill him, he’s a loudmouth,” and Andrei Arlovski, “another very good fighter who I will fight eventually.”

One heavyweight he didn’t mention was Bobby Lashley who stated his interest in fighting the champion last week.

Before that, Overeem has a fight in DREAM in March, though he refused to be drawn on who he would be facing.

Despite his apparent desire to fight in Strikeforce, an April return to the promotion in time for their next major CBS aired event seems unlikely with a rumor currently circulating that he will fight at Glory 12 on the 24th of that month.


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