Alistair Overeem Wants To Sign With The UFC – But The Terms Have To Be Right

Alistair Overeem may be the Strikeforce heavyweight champion, and a regular competitor in DREAM and K1, but it’s clear that there is still another promotion that he has a desire to fight for.

“I’m not going to discuss the UFC too much with the media. But I will say that when they show me terms I like, I’ll sign,” Overeem told Fighters Only Magazine.

As to what terms in particular he was referring to, the Dutch fighter was less forthcoming.

“Money is important but it isn’t everything. There are some conditions they have that I don’t like. But like I said, when the terms are right I will sign right away.”

So what are the conditions he is referring to?  We can’t say for sure, but it would not be a great surprise if at the very least one of them was the ability for Overeem to continue to fight in K1.  That’s not entirely beyond the realms of possibility, but if he also wanted to fight for rival MMA organizations like DREAM, or the possibility of co-promotion then there’s no way that the UFC would accept.

Though the UFC could be criticized for the apparent ‘stranglehold’ they have over where their fighters can fight, Overeem is a perfect example of why they have such strict contracts.

Despite being the current Strikeforce heavyweight champion, and one of the promotions marquee stars, Overeem has not fought for them since November of 2007.  The flexibility of his contracts has meant that he’s been off fighting for numerous other outfits in Japan and the Netherlands instead.

It’s a bizarre situation, and one that the UFC would want no part in.

Whether he eventually signs for the UFC or not, we are likely to see the 29 year old fighting for some time to come.

“I am just getting started, I still have six, seven or maybe eight years before retirement,” he reveals.


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