Allan Jouban gave UFC 184 it’s second swift main card finish tonight as he stopped Richard Walsh with strikes in under half a round.

Round One:

Walsh misses an early kick. Now he goes for a body kick and soon after another one that lands much harder. Now a head kick that’s blocked as he looks to mix things up.

Jouban with a kick of his own now and Walsh looks to clinch up against the cage. He lands a couple of knees to the body as Jouban reverses the position.

Walsh with a big punch and Jouban counters with a good knee to the body. A good amount of solid kicks being landed by both men early here with Walsh in particular landing hard to the midsection.

Suddenly Jouban connects with an elbow to the temple at close range that sends Walsh off-balance then flurries with lefts and rights which slumps Walsh to the mat. He stands straight up again, but he’s operating on auto-pilot as that looked like a flash KO and that’s the way the ref sees it too, ending the fight with 2.19mins on the clock.