Amir Sadollah and Demarques Johnson put together a competitive first round, but the second was all Sadollah who would go on to claim his first win inside the distance since his winning TUF season 7.

Sadollah looked to press the stand-up action with his muay thai skills in the opening five minutes, with some success, but Johnson showed good awareness to take him down from a head kick early, and later from a knee strike.

Add in another takedown via a hip toss and Johnson had the better of the round, though Sadollah did manage to secure a takedown of his own n the closing moments.

In round two Sadollah’s muay thai started to pay dividends, and up against the cage a mixture of punches and knees to the head had Johnson hurt.

Sadollah continued to pile on the pressure and then took the tiring Johnson down, and landed some effective ground and pound. Johnson momentarily attempts to scrambles to a better position only for the TUF 7 winner to get mount and trap one of his arms.

From their Sadollah rains down some vicious elbow strikes, and with Johnson powerless to defend against them he’s forced to tap.

After relying mainly on his stand-up skills in recent times it’s nice to see Sadollah showing some ground work as well, and he’ll no doubt be pleased to have got a decisive win inside the distance under his belt after going to a decision in his four previous fights.