Anderson Silva And Demian Maia Discuss UFC 112 On Brazilian TV

Anderson Silva has been under-fire since his performance at UFC 112, and back in his native Brazil the fighter went on a talk show to discuss the fight along with his opponent Demian Maia.

The two fighters appeared to have put any ill-feelings behind them, for the cameras at least, as they discussed the fight.

Silva’s assessment of the fight was more positive than many others who watched it live.

“I think I fought well, I executed my game and disrupted Demian’s game. I couldn’t fall into his game because he’s a BJJ specialist.”

With regards to the backlash over silva’s antics in the cage the champion stated, “What you can’t do is hit your opponent’s genitals, hit the back of the head or stomp your opponent on the floor, the rest is valid as long as you win, and that’s what happened, I won. (Dana White) can say whatever he wants, he’s the owner.”

Maia was more cagey in his verdict of the fight, perhaps opting not to rock the boat on national TV.

“We fought,the fight started a bit warm and then started to heat more. And that’s that,I don’t have much to say. it was what happened. The fans saw what happened.”

To tell the truth this wasn’t a hard-hitting interview, and what was perhaps most interesting about it was the fact that despite Silva being a dominant champion and many other Brazilian’s being at the forefront of the sport, it was obvious that the fighters are not yet big celebrities in their own country.

In many ways the segment appeared more like an opportunity to introduce the sport to a mainstream audience, and it was clear from what was said that they are still battling to be accepted as a legitimate sport in Brazil.

The sport of mixed martial arts is undoubtedly spreading it’s reach around the globe, but there’s still a long way to go.

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