Anderson Silva And Pedro Rizzo Discuss Lyoto Machida’s Loss

Lyoto Machida’s fellow countrymen Anderson Silva and Pedro Rizzo are the latest to express their bemusement at the former champions split decision loss to Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson on Saturday night.

When asked by SporTV neither man is able to come up with a reason why Rampage should have won the fight.

“There’s no way,” former UFC heavyweight star Rizzo says. “Lyoto won the fight man, he came closer to finishing the fight, sh*t, Quinton didn’t even touch him.”

The current UFC Middleweight champion Silva is equally confused, and even suggests nationality may have had an influence in the judges scoring.

“It’s tough, it’s tough. Lyoto was much better. The fight was tough, but Lyoto was much better. He connected with strikes that almost made Quinton get knocked out. So it’s like that…we don’t know what kind of criteria the judges are using to score the fights.

Unfortunately it’s American territory, American soil, he fought an American, and he didn’t knock him out, the rules remain the same. Unfortunately you have to get the KO, especially when you fight in the manner that Lyoto fights, which is a game of countering, of walking backwards.

Quinton didn’t offer Lyoto any danger at any time. It’s quite the opposite, right? So we as Brazilian’s, as friends of Lyoto, we are very saddened, we know Lyoto won the fight. Even Quinton himself acknowledged he lost the fight, so…”

Rizzo also sees Rampage’s own reaction at the end of the fight as validation for his own belief that Machida won the fight.

“I’ll co-sign that,” Rizzo says. “Even Quinton himself would sign that because that’s the most important thing. Even he himself saw that he lost the fight. So, there’s not much more to say.”

Personally, I wouldn’t go as far as to suggest that it’s an issue of nationality, but I do agree with Silva’s assessment that the judges have a hard time scoring Machida’s counter-striking style.

Check out the full interview below (it’s not in English, but you can switch on subtitles or read the transcript above instead.)


  1. it was too close to call. . it could have gone either way. Im a huge Machida fan, but even i have to admit that.

    Machida has to be more aggressive. He waited too long. Rampage was aggressive and brought the fight to Machida all 3 rounds. He landed a few good shots. It looked like Rampage wanted the fight more.

    Machida is no longer the champ, so he has to fight like it. He cannot wait for the Judge’s score card. He has to show them he wants the fight. !

  2. I definitely agree that he has to be a little more aggressive. I don’t think he should abandon his ‘elusive’ style though, but he has to pick his moments to go on the offense in each round to catch the judges eye.

    I think he should have tried to take Rampage down earlier in the fight as well to score points.

    Despite all that his third round performance showed to me that he’s still a real force at 205lbs.


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