Anderson Silva Briefly Hospitalized With Severe Back Pain

Anderson Silva suffered a scare last night when he collapsed with severe back pain and lost the feeling in his legs after a training session in his native Brazil.

The former UFC middleweight champion spent the night in hospital where doctor’s were able to establish that he has Lumbago, a common diagnosis for lower back pain.

Thankfully it’s not serious and so the word today from his doctor is that Silva’s comeback fight with Nick Diaz at UFC 183 in Las Vegas on January 31st is not in jeopardy.

“It really was a shock,” Dr. Márcio Tannure told Combate. “He felt a sharp pain because of contracture. It hurts a lot, really, but it will not change anything in terms of training. The problem he had justified the pain, but it will not result in a withdrawal or cancellation of the fight.”

Still, it’s not exactly ideal both mentally and physically for Silva who’s already dealing with fully rehabilitating from the broken leg he suffered in his rematch with Chris Weidman in December of last year.

In the past week Silva acknowledged that he still has “a deficit in strength” in the now healed limb and his hips which is resulting in him not being able to do everything that he used to do, though he’s continuing to do specific training and physiotherapy to get back to 100%.

Despite his physical ailments the 39 year-old Silva still appears determined to continue his UFC career and recently signed a new 15 fight deal with the promotion.


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