Anderson Silva Claims He Has Signed New 15 Fight UFC Contract

UFC superstar Anderson Silva has claimed in an interview with Combate in Brazil that he’s signed a new 15 fight contract with the organization.

“I had seven fights left in my contract,” Silva told Combate. “I was with Lorenzo and Dana last Thursday and the contract was torn. We signed for 15 more fights. We did it to get Dana crazy and get people crazy at my home too (laughs).”

Of course the likelihood is that we won’t see the 39 year-old Silva grace the Octagon another 15 times, but what it signifies a clear resolve in the former middleweight champion’s mind to continue his career for the forseeable future despite the broken leg that he suffered during his rematch with Chris Weidman in December of last year.

The first fight of his new deal is already known, with Silva set to face Nick Diaz in a blockbuster PPV view event at UFC 182 on January 31st in Las Vegas.

Silva has also revealed that he’s no longer sponsored by Nike, but he is currently in talks with Adidas.

As an added bonus, below you can watch Silva getting a hero’s welcome on Saturday night in Rio, Brazil as he walked into the arena to watch UFC 179.

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