Anderson Silva Discusses The Possibility of Retirement

In just a few days time, April 14th to be exact, the UFC’s middleweight champion Anderson Silva will celebrate his 35th birthday.

Over the past couple of years there have been rumors about when the Brazilian may call time on his MMA career, but in a new interview with the fighter seems in no immediate rush to retire.

“I still have six more fights on my contract, and we will expect them,” he told Sherdog’s Marcelo Alonso in an interview recorded before he left for Abu Dhabi.  When asked if that means we will be fighting for the next one or two years Silva states, “I think so, maybe more.”

Silva, arguably the most talented striker in all of mixed martial arts, then went on to admit that he has considered the possibility of hanging up his gloves.

“I think at one point you have to stop to think about everything, and review your ideas and desires.  Think about your career – what you did right, and what you still have left to do.  Everyone will stop one day.  It was only delayed a little, and it will surely happen one day.”

In other recent interviews Silva has discussed moving up to fight at light-heavyweight, heavyweight, and even in the past week mentioned welterweight as a possible destination so the good news for MMA fans is that it appears the pound-for-pound great still has plenty of ideas and desires left which will hopefully ensure that he continues fighting for some time to come.


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