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Anderson Silva Evokes More Magic With TKO Win Over Yushin Okami

Anderson Silva created more magic in the Octagon tonight as he almost defied belief with his striking skills that resulted in a TKO victory over Yushin Okami and cemented his place as the true pound-for-pound great in all of MMA.

The first round started out like almost all of Silva’s fights with a slow feeling out process. After a few minutes of this Okami finally decided to close the distance and press Silva up against the cage.

The Japanese fighter wasn’t being particularly effective with the position however, and a few knees from Silva were the only real noteworthy blows that landed.

Failing with a takedown attempt Okami finally backed off and the two resumed the stand-up battle once again. Silva finally looked to be settling in now and he starts to get a little busier, finding a home for a few jabs and then lands a head kick just as the bell sounds.

Onto round two and Silva is looking ready to engage. He doesn’t do so in the way most fighters would with so much at stake however. Instead he drops his hands as he did so memorably against Forrest Griffin a couple of years ago and once again begins to evoke memories of The Matrix as he effortlessly dodges Okami’s attempts to hit him.

Then comes the first jaw dropping moment of the fight as he throws out a jab counter that sends Okami to the mat. He gets back up, but Silva is in complete control now and Okami is on borrowed time.

Silva continues to stalk him with his hands down and again as Okami looks to land a strike Silva fires out a right hand that connects with lazer precision and flattens him.

Taking his time Silva begins to pick away at his cowering opponent, landing some heavy elbows to the body and punches to the head before the referee has seen enough and brings an end to the fight.

So, once again the sports most dominant champion has managed to make a well respected opponent look like a rank amateur in the Octagon.

Really is skills are otherwordly at times and we should do our best to appreciate them because Silva won’t be around forever, and it may be a very long time indeed before we see such consistent moments of genius like this from another fighter in the Octagon.

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