Anderson Silva’s immediate future in MMA remains unclear after testing positive for steroids at UFC 183 back in January, but one way or another the 40 year-old is determined to get back to competing one way or another and now has the 2016 Olympics in his sights.

“Everybody knows that for a high-performance athlete, the Olympic Games is the dream of every athlete, and it wouldn’t be different with me,” Silva stated on the CBTKD website. “When I was named the ambassador of the sport by president Carlos Fernandes, this Olympic spirit motivated me. It will be a great pleasure to be part of this golden team, which has a serious institution, commanded by president Carlos Fernandes, who honors us very much, along with his team. Therefore, I wish to represent taekwondo and Brazil in the Olympic Games in 2016. With all my esteem, strength and honor.”

While interesting in theory, that seems like a rather ambitious goal given his current failed drug test issues. Silva is still awaiting a formal hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding his failed test which saw him flag positive for both Androstane and Drostanolone.

The former long-time UFC middleweight champion has twice postponed the hearing claiming he needed more time to prepare his case and has publicly declared his innocence on several occasions despite having failed two separate tests both before and after his decision victory over Nick Diaz.