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Anderson Silva KO’s Vitor Belfort With Front Kick

Tonight in the headline fight of UFC 126 a heated rivalry between two of Brazil’s finest mixed martial artists, Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, finally came to a head in the Octagon.

After an extremely cautious feeling out process in which neither dared to throw a punch, Belfort finally made the first move, landing a kick and then taking Silva down.

Silva was back up immediately though and landed a knee on the way, but that was only a taster for what was about to come to come.

Suddenly, out-of-the-blue Silva unleashed a front kick which connected cleanly with Belfort’s chin and sent him crashing to the floor.

Belfort was clearly dazed and confused, and it took only a few follow up punches on the ground before the referee to call a halt to the fight with just 3.25mins of the first round gone.

The front-kick KO was one of the most dramatic knockout’s we’ve ever seen in the Octagon, and the fact it came in such a high-profile fight only makes it more impressive.

Now 13 fights undefeated in the UFC, this victory against one of his toughest opponents to date surely solidifies Silva’s status as the No.1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

After the fight Silva and Belfort embraced and appeared to put the bad blood that featured so strongly in the build-up to this encounter behind them.

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