Anderson Silva showed the heart of a champion to battle back against Chael Sonnen and retain his middleweight belt, but the fight undoubtedly took it’s toll on the 35 year-old.

“After the first round he said he broke his ribs,” Silva’s jiu-jitsu coach Ramon Lemos told Tatame.  “He said told me he could not breath because of the rib. I told him to forget the rib and work the movement of legs and he would get the triangle… After the fight he went to the hospital and did an x-ray and the doctor said he did not break it, it was just a crack.”

Speculation has now begun over a potential rematch between Silva and Sonnen, but if that is the case it appears doubtful that it will happen this year.

“Anderson is expected to return in February or March,” Lemos reveals.  “We have not talked, but he has to take care of injuries, he fought twice last year and had an operation on his elbow. This year he made two more fights and now with this rib injury … He is no longer a boy, he is 34 years old.”

For purely selfish reasons I’d like to see him back a little sooner than that, but I do agree that Silva should have an extended break from the octagon.  This was a grueling fight, both mentally and physically, and having extra time to recuperate and recharge his batteries should pay dividends in the longer term.