A superfight between UFC superstars Anderson Silva and Georges St.Pierre has been talked about for years, and earlier this year Dana White stated that if GSP won his next fight with Jake Shields in April, then the bout would finally take place.

It seems that he may have spoken too soon however, and he’s now backtracking slightly on the possibility of the fight taking place next.

“We’re talking maybe the [Yushin] Okami fight [against Anderson Silva] does happen [first],” White revealed during an interview with Ariel Helwani today.

Okami had been installed as the division’s No.1 contender following a fight with Nate Marquardt at the tail-end of 2010, but at last month’s UFC 126 post-fight press conference White had stated that Silva Vs GSP was “probably” now going to happen instead, and that Okami, “would be pissed.”

So what’s caused the change in outlook?

White’s not saying so, but it could well be down to GSP’s hesitance to get on-board with the idea. In a recent interview he appeared less than enthusiastic about fighting the middleweight champion, admitting that he, “had a lot to lose,” and was still wary of the size difference between Silva and himself.

Silva on the other hand seems completely open to the fight, and has even indicated that he’d be willing to fight at a catchweight if that would make life easier for St.Pierre.

Whether it happens next (Assuming GSP beats Shields), or after Silva fights Okami, White still seems convinced that the fight will eventually take place though.

“Do I think that if all the stars line up and everything works out perfect and everything’s right that Georges St.Pierre won’t fight Anderson Silva, or Anderson Silva wouldn’t fight Georges St.Pierre? There’s no way. Both guys would absolutely take that fight.”

Given that statement it does leave me to wonder, if the UFC are sure that GSP and Silva will agree to the fight, why is Silva Vs Okami now being mentioned again?

My only suggestion is that perhaps this is a move to keep Silva active while giving St.Pierre extra time to bulk up for the fight.

It’s hard to say for sure though, and it’s seems we may have to wait until after GSP’s fight with Shields before we get a more definitive answer.