Anderson Silva Rules Out Possibility Of Fighting Jon Jones

For some time now much of the talk of a UFC ‘superfight’ has revolved around Anderson Silva Vs GSP, but after Jon Jones latest destruction of Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua, interest in seeing a Silva Vs Jones fight has risen sharply.

Unfortunately the UFC’s long-running middleweight champion Silva appears to have no interest in the bout.

“No way, he is in another category,” Silva stated in an interview with R7 Esportes. “We’re friends and we will not face [each other].”

As if to reinforce that fact, Silva posted an invite to Jones on twitter late last week to come and see the premiere of his new documentary ‘Like Water’, an offer which the 205lb champ was more than happy to accept.

Of course the irony of Silva’s statement is that Jones just recently agreed to fight another of his friends who he had made a pact never to compete against- Rashad Evans, saying that he didn’t want to go against UFC President Dana White’s wishes.

With that said, regardless of what the two fighters themselves may claim, it’s always best to keep an open mind about what may transpire in the future.

Personally, I’d be interested in seeing it at some stage, but Jones still has a lot of work to do at 205lbs before there’s any real need for him to be challenging people outside of his division.


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