Anderson Silva finally went before a Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing today to answer multiple charges of having failed drugs tests in the weeks before and immediately after his UFC 183 fight with Nick Diaz on January 31st.

Silva had tested positive for the steroids drostanolone and androstane along with anxiety and insomnia medications oxazepam and temazepam, but he has repeatedly protested his innocence regarding having used steroids and his legal team had delayed today’s hearing multiple times over the past few months as they looked to prepare his legal defense in this matter.

However, as it turned out Silva’s defense against the charges set before him proved to be remarkably flimsy, largely focusing around his claim that he had taken a blue “sexual performance” pill from Thailand given to him by a friend in the weeks prior to his fight which he was unaware contained an illegal steroid.

This dubious defense at times descended into the realms of hilariously awkward farce, particularly given the fact that some ingenious troll managed to get a hold of the number to the direct line at the hearing and several times was able to play clips of several highly appropriate songs including ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ by Salt-N-Pepa, ‘Bump And Grind’ by R-Kelly and ‘It Wasn’t Me’ by Shaggy which resulted in even the NSAC commissioners struggling to contain themselves and bursting into fits of laughter.

When all was said and done Silva’s testimony was quickly shot down by NSAC judges as being “hokey” and riddled with “inconsistencies” and as a result the former middleweight champion’s hopes of having the charges against him dismissed fell on deaf ears.

“I think (Silva has) done excellent things, but this is the first time he’s really been subject to enhanced testing,” stated NSAC Commissioner Anthony Marnell. “I feel there’s some intention here to use the product to come back from a devastating injury.

“There’s definitely knowledge of what’s going on here, and we’re just playing games. And that’s my frustration at all this soft testimony.”

As such Silva was handed down a one year suspension from the sport (effective from the night of the fight) in addition to his victory over Diaz being amended to a ‘no contest’ ruling and 30% of his $600,000 salary being rescinded along with his $200,000 win bonus. He’ll also have to undergo a clean drug test before he’ll be allowed to compete again.

So, in effect, after all that Silva could actually be fighting again as early as February of next year which doesn’t seem all that severe under the circumstances, though Silva’s reputation has taken a severe beating as a result of this whole process and today’s hearing was particularly humiliating for the man who many people rate as one of, if not the greatest mixed martial artist of all time.