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Anderson Silva UFC 117 Post Fight Interview

After heading back to the locker-room following a grueling five round battle with Chael Sonnen, middleweight champion Anderson Silva spoke to about his remarkable comeback.

“I’m very, very happy for this new opportunity [from] Dana and Lorenzo,” Silva said in English without the aid of his translator Ed Soares.  “This is a time I go from my house, from my family.  I’m sorry to my fans.  I broke my ribs in training but I go for the doctor.  The doctor told me, ‘no fight, it’s dangerous for you,’ but this is the show.  The show don’t stop.  I’m staying here for the fight and for the job and for my fans.”

Ed Soares then stepped in to translate as Silva went on to discuss how he overcame the adversity he faced during the fight.

“I’m constantly training with heavier people and heavier guys and this is part of our training.  We put ourselves in the worst situations possible, but this is just more proof of what a black belt from Nogueira Jiu-Jitsu means, and you just saw it there.”

With the win, which Dana White earlier described as “legendary,” Silva retains his title and extends his record-breaking winning streak in the UFC to twelve fights.

Watch Anderson Silva’s post-fight interview here.

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