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Anderson Silva Vs Vitor Belfort Staredown GIF Pt.2 (Weigh-Ins)

Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort delivered their second epic staredown in just a few days at the UFC 126 weigh-ins earlier.

Yesterday Belfort had claimed that Silva was, “Wearing a mask” in front of the media with some of his pre-fight antics.

He was speaking metaphorically of course, but today Silva turned up…wearing a mask during their staredown. This was even more intense than the one at Wednesday’s weigh-ins, with the two men pressed up against each other, and later shouting back and forth as they were separated.

Dana White had claimed after their previous staredown that it was in the Top 10 best he’d ever seen, and he was no less happy with today’s reprise.

“If you didn’t see the weigh ins get on line and watch VITOR vs ANDERSON that was f*cking AWESOME!!!!!” White exclaimed on Twitter.

Watch it all unfold in the GIF below.

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